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Needs iTunes to work! 1 stars by kar_mc158 Oct 05, 2016
I am trying to manage my ipod touch without installing itunes on my computer, which is why I downloaded this. Kind of defeats the purpose when you have to install itunes to use this. Waste of time! show Review details
Going great 5 stars by gimpguy Jul 24, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I've found a new ipod manager, goodbye Itunes. This app is very straight forward, allows you to do backups, eject, copy music, etc... has an easy read playlist, allows deleting songs, folders and everything you need to manage your ipod (at least for someone like me). The only thing I will warn about is if you have extra long file names or improperly named songs or extensions, when you copy music over, this will NOT warn you that there may be something wrong and will copy the music over which will cause your ipod to not recognize the music. That said, simply make sure you have shorter proper names and extensions on your .mp3's. Keep that in mind, your ipod will play the song fine. Great software, very simple, yet does a lot. show Review details
Great lightweight app! (does not need install) 5 stars by starlicious1763 Jun 20, 2012
I really liked this! fast download, around 2MB only. Transfers fast from my iPod to computer. Very easy to use! more power to the creator of this app! show Review details
Best freeware so far to backup my iPod 5 stars by sickegg2000 Jan 19, 2007
I've tested a few software for IPOD to backup music from ipod to music. I am bilingual and so I need some Chinese character for songs as well. Sharepod supports everything I needed, and it's very fast for my 3500+ library. I like it! The bad is you must run it through ipod directory, so iTunes must be installed and unlocked by "enable hard disk usage". The media player interface is a little too simple. But I would recommended it since it's FASTED out of 5 softwares I've tested. show Review details
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