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Does the job well! 4 stars by jonacoxme570 Dec 20, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I bought this software after testing their trial version. The first thing I noticed, a zero learning curve is required to use the software. The interface could have been better though. There are some standard features and some advanced features, which can be setup from the software. Saves a lot of manual hassle. The free H.264 encoder (based on ffmpeg) is noteworthy too. Pros: Easy to use. Comes with a free encoder. The players support HD video Streaming is smooth. Live streaming with FMS was satisfactory. Customer support is excellent. Cons: Interface could have been better. Bit confusing to setup live streaming. You would probably need their customer support. Single and multi video support come as two separate package. HTML5 support is missing. Overall I am satisfied with the product and using it. show Review details
Very dissappointed 2 stars by oteotd Jul 21, 2011 (Read all my 50 reviews)
Don't waste your time and money. This software should be freeware. In fact there is freeware that does a better job. For my use I could not use any of the freeware. As far as the software goes this software does work, however it produces a poor playback of your videos when streamed. At first I though my issues were due to poor conversion programs. I was converting wmv to mp4. I noticed in my first video that there was distortion and other impurities in my video. Putting a video on a business site this was not acceptable. I took a lot of time trying different conversion programs thinking they were the issue. Turns out I tried a different streamer and copied the video from this player into the other streamer and the video that looked bad now looked good. This player also has two versions. A version to show only one video and a version for multi videos. If you buy the single video version you need to upgrade later to a multi player if you want one player to show more than one video. The multi player requires two videos to run according to the support department. Anyway the replacement player was about 25 more cost but can be used as single or multi player with much better playback and more and easier options. Do your self a favor and look elsewhere. I would mention the player I got in this review but that is not allowed here on SnapFiles so just try others out. show Review details
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