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Good software 4 stars by SusanAs Nov 13, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This software works really well. It is simple to use and I use it all the time. show Review details
Best software ever! 5 stars by ssmidgen Jul 12, 2010
One of my students accidentally reformatted her SD card with pictures of her son's graduation. She contacted me in tears thinking they were lost forever. I did a little "digging" and found this software and sent it to her. It WORKED!! She was able to retrieve all of the pictures and is now crying tears of happiness instead of frustration! And to have the software be free/shareware is like icing on the cake!! show Review details
Wonderful product 5 stars by Tel_NZ May 05, 2010
Intalled a number of `freeware` products to recover photos on a xD memory card. Most weren't free and also didn`t do what I needed. I came across DiskDigger as the last thing I was going to try. Small download, nice simple intuitive interface. First standard scan nothing, but then the deep scan found every file and recovered them all perfectly. Staff member who had spent 2 days collecting the photos for the business was extremely relieved and thanked me profusely but actually all credit really is DiskDiggers! Recommended, 5 star, A+, you gotta have this tool! show Review details
Perfect recovery software 5 stars by savedtheday Apr 15, 2010
This software is great! A relative of mine purchased a new operating system and thought that she had saved her files to a USB memory stick, but as it turned out she had only saved a short cut to her data. The memory stick had originally had the data on it, but had been re-formatted and therefore was blank apart from this short cut to her data. I used DiskDigger and it recovered everything including 3,500 pictures! Wow! Nothing else to say is there apart from well done, very highly recommended. show Review details
Lucky to have found this freeware! 5 stars by KatanaWebb Mar 15, 2010
So I accidentally, permanently deleted my WEDDING pictures from my flash drive. I was absolutely crushed as this was the only copy I owned. I did a little research, called Geek Squad, and tried multiple times to download the 3rd party program they recommended. Unfortunately it was not Vista compatible. I sucked it up and started to become accepting of my memories being lost forever. I searched more and found this freeware, Diskdigger. I was reluctant and feeling hopeless. With nothing to loose, though, I downloaded it, installed and ran the program. Within 3 MINUTES, my photos were back. I really couldn't believe it. I was too skeptical to get excited. Now I see that they truly are back and this is legitimate! If you are reading this and feel like I felt when searching for answers, smile, and download this freeware. Your worries end here. show Review details
A real gem 5 stars by tonymoey Sep 24, 2009
I cannot find words to describe how great this product is, it recovered almost 90% of files on my external hard disk that failed. show Review details
Got all my photos back quickly and easily 5 stars by KebabTom Aug 03, 2009
I was on holiday in Argentina and got a virus on my camera's memory drive when using an internet cafe, losing about half of my photos. This software downloaded and installed in less than a minute, was ridiculously easy to use and got me all of my photos back. Simple and brilliant, thank you. show Review details
Saved my daughter`s month 5 stars by Nickapaul Jul 03, 2009
It may just be that DiskDigger saved not only my 14yr daughters month, but my neck in the process. 900+ irreplaceable photos from a horse camp, a dozen teens waiting for her to make copies for them, and already missing the horses (came home 3 days ago...). And THIS of all times is when the camera decides to mess up the SD-card!!! I tried 15+ different programs before DiskDigger. Either they didn`t do squat or the demo teaser just showed how many photos I can recover if I hand over the cash... Until DiskDigger. Easy to use, relatively fast, and got all photos from a 2G SD-card with twisted FAT or something, most other programs just gave up! Thank you for a REAL lifesaver (mine!) show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by gimpguy Apr 24, 2009 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I was skeptical about downloading another recovery tool, why? Because I have used so many, free and paid for that do the same thing. To my surprise, DiskDigger recovered not only files long deleted but I had backed up a woman's hard drive of pictures when replacing her hard drive. Since then, I have formatted my drive a couple of times and wrote much info to it, it's a backup drive, and DiskDigger actually recovered HER pic files "IN TACT" nonetheless. I was impressed to say the least. Excellent recovery tool, now my fav! show Review details
Simple and straightforward. 4 stars by shoogie Feb 20, 2009
Simple and straightforward. What I like most about it is that it could sift through Vista system and find the files that were not thrown to the Recycle Bin but that got lost when user account is accidentally deleted! I have been looking for a software (free or otherwise) like this for days and it got the job right! I just could not save by batch, though. show Review details
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