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Stick with the free version 3 stars by wildgoosespeeder Mar 20, 2011 (Read all my 52 reviews)
VS Revo Group has gone off-track with their program. Firstly, why have a V1 download and a V2 download? Why not just have the V2 download only and when the free trial is over, only disable the new Pro features? Secondly, I don't like their tabbed interface. There should be an option to disable that. Thirdly, the uninstall screen doesn't refresh when you rename the uninstall entry using the open registry key feature unlike V1. Sometimes when I install programs, I don't like how they name their uninstall entries and I rename it using this feature. There are some things that I like about this improved V2 version. It remembers the leftover scan mode you selected unlike the V1 version. It also finally adds cleaner support for Firefox and Chrome but it still has support for Netscape. Seriously, drop that browser and add Safari. We are almost there with the perfect uninstall utility. All it needs is the improvements mentioned. I would recommend the V1 free version for right now until VS Revo Group get back on-track. show Review details
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