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It is good overall. 4 stars by jinger2918207 Jun 28, 2013
It is small but it has many functions beyond our imagination. The Fast Defrag of the Toolwiz Care is faster than computer's. show Review details
The best I've found for tweaking 5 stars by giantedg884 Feb 04, 2013 (Read all my 3 reviews)
This free tool has so many features it's hard to believe it's free. I've used many tune up tools and this seems to beat them all. Some of features I really like are Registry Backup, backs up the hole registry which can come in handy for many reason. MBR backup, never know when you might need this but it's nice to have. A Process Manger that lets you disable or delay the start of a program. Can really speed up start up time. Time Freeze - this makes virtualization very easy. It clones your system, allowing you to do what you want on the internet and not worry about getting infected because if you do just restart and all changes are gone. There is also a Virtual Safe, Password Manager, Password Generator. I just can't list all of the things it does. I've only had it a short time and no problems but I would recommend backing up all your setting if you use this. So far I have not found a easy way to change back things that have been changed show Review details
A lot for nothing 5 stars by gimpguy Jul 24, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I was highly surprised at just how packed full of tools this software was. I used TimeFreeze already but this added system monitoring tools to the bar which was a nice surprise. There are too many tools to mention and some do a great job, some are simply ok but all in all, this is "if nothing else" a great free utility. The app manager, security, clean up, all very good and worked well without destroying anything important, very impressed. I had no issue with the boot up timer, it's easy enough to simply uncheck the box in the options, not hard to do, but while I'm on the options point, when right clicking the icon in the task bar, there are screen capture tools, options, restore manager and more. It will take some time to explore everything but I have to admit, so far all the tools have worked great and as long as they improve the tools and not try to hype up too many at a time, this can only get better. Great work! show Review details
The best there is 5 stars by dbkten815 Jan 15, 2012
Didn't even know this utility existed until a few days ago. After installing it and running a first scan, the immediate result was absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe how fast my computer had become. Before using TWC my computer was sluggish. But no more. Now it is running like a Ferrari.. .I kid you not! Wonderful program and I highly recommend it. And like another reviewer, TWC is all I need show Review details
Not for me thanks 3 stars by mizdoc Dec 12, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I tried Toolwiz Care but became frustrated when it wanted to load every time I started my computer to tell me how long it took for my computer to boot up. The time was always wrong, because I use a great program called Soluto which tells me when my computer has finished loading everything and is ready to use. Toolwiz always popped up to say I was finished booting, way before I actually, according to Soluto (where I can actually see what is loading at the time). So I uninstalled it. Thanks, but no thanks. show Review details
Very impressive 5 stars by Nicholas Dec 08, 2011 (Read all my 72 reviews)
I am very reluctant to let strange programs and utilities enter my system. Let alone that I allow them make changes. After careful trying and executing in a sandbox, Toolwiz Care managed to win my complete confidence. This bundle of utils is not only trustworthy it's also versatile, complete en useful and it comes to you in a very friendly and functional user interface. It looks like I'll need nothing else to manage my system. Best of all: it's free. show Review details
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