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Good but they missed a trick 4 stars by JamJar Dec 21, 2014 (Read all my 27 reviews)
I have the paid for version, because sometimes you get sick of programming and coding your own stuff. Also with Responsive Web Design it would take a lot longer, so you look for other tools. This has been updated this year (2014 at the time of writing) and oh Blumentals what were they thinking. This is still a good bit of kit, but with the update they made it so it was Responsive, so they got that bit right, however and this is a big mistake, is that they didn't put the menu buttons so it went at for eg 300px when viewed on smart phone, so the buttons are just normal size but made responsive. People reading this might say it's nitpicking, it's not, the competition mostly have got it right. Having said that it's still worth using. show Review details
Great freeware 5 stars by gimpguy Mar 21, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
While I usually create my own buttons, well, I still am in a way using this but it saves so much time and has flexible menu buttons and sub buttons, etc... There are limited buttons you can use, some you have to purchase but there should be plenty for most web page tasks. I know I'll be using it from here on unless a specific button type needs to be made but until then, great program! show Review details
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