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RJ TextEd RJ TextEd

Amazing! 5 stars
I've seen this on here many times but never tried it. I've tried many editors over the years and there's none perfect, but this is about as good as it gets. Beautiful interface, which you can change themes from dark to light and whatever you want. It has plenty for any developer. Like someone else said will be getting rid of other html/text editors. Superb Price: Free
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Rapid SEO Tool Rapid SEO Tool

Nice tool 4 stars
I've put very good price, but that's the price it is now - 47 I think this is Euros, certainly not UK money. At the price that used to be, as it is on here 79 Euros, no way it's not worth that. However you do have to watch this company as regards licence because they sly, but their website says use on any 3 computers, this is a cracking deal, or one computer 39 Euros. I think Snapfiles haven't rated this as high as it should be. It's a lovely interface, it has a comprehensive way of working and easy to use. It also has the cool features of been able to go side by side with competition, like any good SEO tool should. One of Blumentals best efforts. A really good program. Price: Free Trial ($69.96)
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Easy CSS Menu Free Edition Easy CSS Menu Free Edition

Good but they missed a trick 4 stars
I have the paid for version, because sometimes you get sick of programming and coding your own stuff. Also with Responsive Web Design it would take a lot longer, so you look for other tools. This has been updated this year (2014 at the time of writing) and oh Blumentals what were they thinking. This is still a good bit of kit, but with the update they made it so it was Responsive, so they got that bit right, however and this is a big mistake, is that they didn't put the menu buttons so it went at for eg 300px when viewed on smart phone, so the buttons are just normal size but made responsive. People reading this might say it's nitpicking, it's not, the competition mostly have got it right. Having said that it's still worth using. Price: Free
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Notepad ++ Notepad ++

Overhyped 2 stars
Many web developers use ++ as their main editor, which has always had me a bit baffled. There is a load better HTMLtext editors around and with software like Brackets, which is in a different league. It's better than Win notepad and it's free. Price: Free
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Ashampoo Photo Optimizer Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

An easy to use package 5 stars
Like most Ashampoo software this is a simple to use and the best version of this software. It has most basics that you need to doll up photos and some nice little extras, like fire, snow etc. It doesn't have features of the nature of their big boy Photo commander, or something like Zoner, but if your just a casual user and want something simple this is something to think about. And you can get money off if you know how to play Ashampoo. Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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Rankaware Rankaware

Not bad 3 stars
This is easy to use with nice looking interface. I got the pro version from a freeby, so it's hard to judge the value. There are tools that are better for SEO, this one you can't put one site against another, like you can with others. This is basically a keyword program, which is debatable whether keywords in modern development are that important. However it does tell you fairy accurate where exactly your site is, which is good because your cache can tell lies and put you higher than you really are. Price: Free
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Easy GIF Animator Easy GIF Animator

I still use this but it's boring. 3 stars
Easy Gif has an updated version which can convert video to GIF after about 5 hrs wait. This one is well ok, I don't really think there is a great GIF animator that does everything I want it to. Like all Blumentals software, I hate the way their licence works and I find it quite sly. I've told them this but.. Price: Free Trial ($19.85)
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Freemake Video Converter Freemake Video Converter

Just great 5 stars
This is a great bit of software that I've used for ages off and on, it's better than other paid one's. The paste URL feature, is just fantastic and good time saver. As long as you can get past the silly third party installation, this is a keeper. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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ColorMania ColorMania

Cake to use and invaluable 5 stars
This is one of these programs, that does basically one job and does it excellent. I've used tons of these pickers previously and many do what they say, but this just feels good. I'm a web developer/designer/photographer nut and it comes in handy esp with web work. Price: Free
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Ashampoo Snap Ashampoo Snap

Amazing tool 5 stars
This is the best I've used of this genre. I use it to do Video tutorials which I do for a company. It does the basics but much much more, it's almost like a graphical editor, top marks, just buy. Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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Hi Slider Hi Slider

The answer to all gallery needs, or is it?? 3 stars
I'm used to be trained in Web Design but as tech develops it's so easy to get left behind and I haven't done it for ages, so with Jquery and the like I thought it's going to be cake to get some image galleries that needed updating. How wrong I've been, I've had to go back to old programs I did years ago so they looked how I wanted, then I found Hi Slider for nothing... Brilliant it was, easy to use, great interface and then it didn't work on Android. I got in touch with the chaps there and they said maybe it's a theme, tried others and what a mess it's made. I thought it was going to be the thing that changed everything for me, how wrong I've been, but I will keep looking. On the scores that Snapfiles use it will have me given it great marks, it does have great attributes but I can't use it for my needs. Price: Free
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Flame Painter Flame Painter

Brilliant 5 stars
I've used FP for years and now this new version is just amazing and the interface of the newer version just raises it another notch. Buy it that's my advice. The default flame is probably the worst of all of them but the some of the others are out of this world. Price: Free Trial ($29.99)
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Color Cop Color Cop

Color cop 5 stars
There is some really good tools on Snapfiles for picking colours etc. and most of them work very well. This is another. It's great tool for web professionals or even hobbyists and designers of all sorts. Does what it says on the tin as they say. Price: Free
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Fotor Fotor

This is superb! 5 stars
I just thought I'd beat GimpGuy to the first rating. LOL. Hey Gimp you got to try this, it's fab. I've tried all sorts over the years as a Web Designer and keen photographer. Currently use Photoscape and Zoner, but this is a one to give a good go. It's beautiful to look at and very stylish. Some have more features but this is a great for quick easy editing with some nice frames and lovely arty things. Very similar in lots of ways to the apps you get with Android tablets. It's quite like Pixlr, maybe not as good as that app, but this does what most people need with class. Price: Free Trial ($39.99)
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Ashampoo Photo Commander Ashampoo Photo Commander

Very good! 5 stars
I know Gimpguy has tried a trillion of these programs so have I. I have disagree with him on this and ask him to try it again and get used to it. Its a little weird at first but it has great features as long as you play around. I also use Photscape, Light Developer and the cracking Zoner all are really good but this is up with them Price: Free Trial ($50.00)
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LightBox Video Web Gallery Creator LightBox Video Web Gallery Creator

A lovely tool 5 stars
Web Gallery Creator is a very nice little bit of software for websites, easy to use and free. Price: Free
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Graphs Made Easy Graphs Made Easy

Does what it says on the tin. 5 stars
Love this program. I looked around for a while at other software but they were either too complicated or expensive, this is neither being free and very good to use. In fact I didn't think things like this could be so much fun, but I needed it for a very important website... Price: Free Trial ($9.95)
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Arclab Thumb Studio Arclab Thumb Studio

Great! 5 stars
I've tried to use a few different photo galleries but this one is for me by the best. No photo gallery is that easy to use because it needs incorporating into a website but this one comes as close as you get for ease of use. Great all round product and free to boot. Price: Free
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IrfanView IrfanView

Not bad at all! 4 stars
I've used this program off and on for ages, usually to resize images and make the odd adjustments. Although I think it's just a basic editor and there's many other programs that do better job in that regard that's not what the program is about. It also has the ability to support Photoshop plug- ins which give it more ooomph!!! Price: Free
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Gimp Gimp

Great editor! 5 stars
The GIMP is an amazing program. True it's interface takes getting used and it's not the easiest program to use, but then no advanced graphics editor is. It can do everything make great banners, buttons, wallpapers. It can crop things spot on. It's also a very capable photo editor. It can merge photos and do the normal things like change colours to Sepia and B/W etc etc. Price: Free
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Google Chrome Google Chrome

For all it's faults.. 4 stars
I really like Google Chrome. It isn't the best on features but I like that it's clean and simple. My wife thinks it's a load of rubbish but I continue to go back to it more than any other browser I have. One thing I really like about it, is that it has favourite sites at the top which is so easy to see. It sometimes doesn't pick emails up on web based email clients like it should but apart from that it's fine and looks class too. Someone wrote a review saying that he/she didn't like the colour, well it's very easy to change it to an array of themes. Price: Free
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Thunderbird Thunderbird

Good but... 4 stars
Thunderbird is very similar to everything by Mozilla, does the job but is so boring. This email client for me does everything that is needed but it's very ordinary to look at, functional without been fancy. Price: Free
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VLC Media Player VLC Media Player

Who needs WMP! 5 stars
VLC media player is great. Me and my wife were on holiday recently and we took a few DVDs to watch at night. I put them on and Windows MP just wasn't having any of it, then I remembered about this little program and straight away everything worked brilliant. Price: Free
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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

Is it just me? 3 stars
I don't actually get all the hype about PhotoFiltre. It's an ok product and it's free but there are far better image editors, Photoscape been one of them which has far better filters. Photofiltre decent but nothing more. Price: Free
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Photoscape Photoscape

Great bit of software! 5 stars
I've been using Photoscape for about 6 months and it's a brilliant bit of kit. Not only do I feel that it's a great image editor but I do web graphics and it fills that need to. An all round graphics program. It has great features like reflection and perspective tools. I've used many image editors but most don't have these benefits. Price: Free
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