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360 Total Security Essential 360 Total Security Essential

Seems ok, but... 4 stars
Running an older PC with WinXP and I haven't noticed any slowdowns using TS360. However scanning files manually, via context menu, seems to be a hit or miss: Some scans never start/complete. Incidentally, the first file I did successfully scan manually, which arrived via email attachment, passed. This same file was flagged at VirusTotal... Nevertheless, I still recommend TS360 because NO anti virus is 100 bullet proof. Price: Free
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Listary (Free version) Listary (Free version)

Practical and ingenious. 5 stars
Awesome application. Very easy to use. Instantaneous search results. Many useful options and settings. Great job! Price: Free
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Parted Magic Live CD Parted Magic Live CD

Invaluable 5 stars
Always a life-saver! I always DL the latest release. Thank you to the developers. Runs like a charm, and has never crashed my system. I basically use it for wiping and partitioning. Also great for getting data from local drives when you can't boot into Windows. Extra kudos for the network connection that is automatic, and glitch-free (No cryptic configurations to mess with). High marks across the board! Price: Free
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File Bucket File Bucket

Neat 3 stars
Very nice. The reason I chose to try this out was its ability to build a list of files and directories. I would like to use this list to run backup jobs with 7z command line. One feature I would like to see added is the ability to remove duplicate entries from the file list. Just that feature alone would make this program that much better. Thanks. Price: Free
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Predator Predator

Nifty! 3 stars
What a cool little app! I just happened to find an old 128mb flash stick yesterday. That flash stick is now the key this computer. Nifty! Price: Free Trial ($10.00)
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RollBack Rx Professional RollBack Rx Professional

Search is over for goback replacement? 4 stars
I just started to test this evaluation of Rollback Rx because Roxio's GoBack, which I have used for many years, is incompatible with my new Dell and gave me the dreaded BSoD. It seems simple enough to use, and the features are robust, even for home users. If the developers can get their web site back up, I just might purchase a licensed copy. Price/Value received a Fair mark from me. Although the price isn't outrageous, it's a little steep, IMO. Price: Free Trial ($69.00)
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PDF-XChange Viewer PDF-XChange Viewer

Fantastic! 4 stars
I have dumped my "other" pdf reader software for this. Even though I do have a couple of suggestions. 1) The highlighted thumbnails in the pages tab does not show where you are when you scroll through the main document area. They do not sync with your actual location unless you click them. 2) Integration into IE so I do not have to save to file all the time. Price: Free
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Clickster Clickster

Nice... but 3 stars
...My only concern is copyright infringement. The author's web sight is vague as to why people can't get into trouble using his software, IMO. The software works just fine though. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Jul 13, 2007: According to my expensive lawyers... It is not possible, in either the US or EU, to be pursued under law, criminal or otherwise, for watching, listening to, reading or even being in possession of, material which was distributed, broadcast or otherwise published, in violation of copyright. The legal responsibility, in all cases, lies with the publisher, distributor or broadcaster of the material. <br/> All the mp3 files located by Clickster are hosted on openly accessible web servers and so therefore, the presumption must be that, the webmasters/companies concerned have the necessary permissions etc. to distribute this material. <br/> The legal cases brought by the recording industry against P2P users, in both the States and Europe, were successful because of the File Sharing element of these networks. The individuals sued were all guilty of sharing and therefore distributing material in violation of copyright. Not one has been persued for downloading . <br/> Of course with Clickster, there is no file-sharing. So yes, there are possible legal implications for the webmasters who are making these mp3 s available to anyone and everyone on the Internet, but not the end user. <br/> Another consideration is that, because mp3 s virtually stream from a web-server, (you can listen to it as it downloads) existing legislation which allows you to record broadcasts on on a VCR or Tivo, actually covers all media. The same is true of the Radio Ripper within Clickster. <br/> So don t believe the hype. Employing some of the best PR talent in the world, the Record Industry is very good at talking about "illegal downloads", but in reality, there is no such thing. <br/> In conclusion, there is nothing illegal about or in Clickster and it s certainly not illegal to download any files it turns up as being freely available on the Internet. The responsibility always lies with the publisher/distributor etc. <br/> I admit Clickster, as a legal music downloader, is something of a problem to the Record Industry. After all, there are certainly many times more mp3 files available on web-servers than all the P2P networks put together. But that is for them to resolve, not me and certainly not Clickster s customer base. I, Clickster and its many thousands of users are working within the provisions of National and International Law. <br/> Sorry for such a lengthy response, but you raised a very good point and one I wanted to answer fully. I do take your comment about my website being vague and I will seek to address this ASAP. I m just a small outfit and time can get awfully tight sometimes. Cheers!


Very good. 4 stars
A very nice application. Although there doesn't seem to be a file overwrite dialog warning. Other than that, so far, this software is a keeper! Thank you. Price: Free Trial ($29.99)
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PDF-ShellTools PDF-ShellTools

Very nice. 4 stars
What a great little shell utility! This tool provided me a fast and easy way to manipulate my archive of pdf files. Thank you. I only offer as a small suggestion to make the pop-up tool tip window stay active longer or stay open until clicked away. Regardless, this is a nice little application. Thanks again. Price: Free Trial ($50.00)
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Screenshot Captor Screenshot Captor

Nice 3 stars
Nice. But there's no scrolling screen capture. :-( That would make this app 10 times better. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Jan 26, 2006: scrolling window capture has been added due to user requests:) we love hearing suggestions from users - please post them on our forum and we will do our best to implement them. -mouser

Batch Icon Extractor Batch Icon Extractor

Simplicity! 5 stars
It just doesn't get any easier than this. This program works very well, and it seems to process files very fast. Thank you. Price: Free
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Sandboxie Sandboxie

Not too pleased 3 stars
The idea behind this application is a very good one but, honestly I found this program sort of klunky to use. And I really don't like applications trying to connect to remote machines every - - single - - time - - you - - run - - them. What's up with that anyway? After following the uninstall instructions, this application left dead linked shortcuts in my quick launch, and on my desktop. Maybe I'm missing something here? I used my old stand-by, GoBack, to revert my drive to a time right before this program was downloaded onto my compter. Sorry. Price: Free
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CursorUS CursorUS

Sweet! 5 stars
It just doesn't get any simpler than this. I also have a trackball mouse and this app works just fine. I gave it an excellent rating across the board because it does exactly what it says it will do. There are no hidden surprises. Very nice. Thank you. Price: Free
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