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eags on! eags on!

Very easy to use 5 stars
This works great! Easy even for beginners. Ability to add the tags for your music; many players use them for the titles that are shown. Renaming was simple in fact all of it was. It needed no help, I sat down and started using it. I love this! Price: Free
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PhotoMeister PhotoMeister

Photo manipulating just got fun again 5 stars
Have had this one for a few weeks now, and while it does have a couple of drawbacks, they are features that may be implemented sometime. Being able to design my very own screensavers and photo albums was the real treat here, and one that I have been using. Even Pro software cannot hold a candle to Photomeister in ease of use. I had no problems maneuvering its interface, and no problems using the software as it does what it says. The Improve features are wonderfully simple and allows you to frame all your photos with cool coloured frames. Clear up those blurs with the auto optimize, and while it creates another copy of it, you always have the original, just in case you change your mind. The software also adds the publishing tools so you can decide how you want to preserve and share them. My thrill was sharing my photos in screensavers with my friends! Price: Free
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Sketchup Sketchup

A great software 5 stars
For all the architects, this is for you. Did you ever want to build when you were a youngster? Looking to create your new home from the bottom up. You can set the measurements when you build it with the simple to use controls. It is a companion program to Google Earth, and free if you use the lite version. This afternoon I downloaded the White House from SketchUp to Earth. It is just that amazing! A warehouse exists for users allowing you to retrieve almost anything you want. Form your own user group and get ready for some fun! Price: Free
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FreeCommander XE FreeCommander XE

What doesnt this software do? 5 stars
It does everything you could ever want. On the homepage it lists the features and they are excellent. Nothing has been left out. I use it for synchronizing folders and so much more. Get it and you will love it as much as I do. Price: Free
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Spy Sweeper Spy Sweeper

Whats the use? 1 stars
Several years ago I had this program and thought it was wonderful, now I am wondering what happened to it? It came back with a spyware report after it spent nearly two hours scanning my hard drives, and the list was shocking. At this point I had to ask myself if its findings was accurate. It came up with things I had never heard of, so I asked a tech friend of mine about it, and he said that over half of the programs it had reported on, was false. If I were to remove them (or have the software do it) I would probably mess up my system completely. After spending over 3 hours studying what needed to be removed, it asks for you to register the software, before it will do anything. The word here is "frustration" and false promises. If you pay for it, it will do what it says, which IMHO is not a trial. Dont bother with it as there are many others out there that will do it for free. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Remlap KnowledgeBASE Remlap KnowledgeBASE

Great storage solution 5 stars
Once in awhile I come across one of those programs that does exactly what it says it does and also offers surprises as well. This program is exactly that. I especially enjoyed the "answers" button located near the toolbar, once you click on it, a browser from within the program opens to the search site. The information that you can have access to is endless. I found myself reading about all kinds of things and then storing them inside the Know base. It is easy to use, and contains full help just in case you have a problem that arises. Price: Free
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Mayk Mayk

Another quick start toolbar? 2 stars
This one crashed more than I got to use it. You can drag and drop the program icons into it, and they look good once there, but the alphabetized folders for the icons is a bit bogus. If you drag the icon there for say IE, it wont place it in the correct grouping, this is something you do yourself as the software doesn't, not a biggy, but after the program continually crashed, I said goodbye to it last night. Price: Free
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Advanced Searchbar Advanced Searchbar

A few bugs 4 stars
A software like this one would be wonderful if all the bugs had been taken out, but with so many of these, time had not been taken to test it before its release. I liked the interface and the fact that I could access most of my internet programs from the toolbar itself. After a few days of enjoying it, it crashed and crashed my browser each time I opened it. So there are some bugs in it that have yet to be ironed out. While I wouldnt use it for myself, doesnt mean that it wont work for everyone, so I am going to recommend giving it a try. This is one of those programs that may be a work in progress, and if so, sometime in the future it may be much better, at which time I will have to have it back. Price: Free
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Avant Browser Avant Browser

Good for a try 4 stars
During the first few days, everything appeared to be fine. But in the days to follow, Avant Browser and IE were constantly competing to be the default browser. I like to have control over the programs that open on my machine, and when they open. Avant browser doesnt allow that control so I dont recommend using it for that reason. Otherwise it is a fine program that does what it says it does. Price: Free
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iTunes iTunes

I had to try it 3 stars
And I would recommend that everyone try it out. Organizing the music was easy enough, and the features are good. There are however other music organizers with the same features for managing a huge database of music. The only previews I received were from the Radio player section, but there again, there is already software out there that will allow you to listen to Radio, and record from the broadcasts. iTunes wont allow you to record songs, nor will it allow you to save them to CD unless you have first purchased them from the music store. The application is a great idea that still needs some work. Price: Free
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CDBurnerXP CDBurnerXP

Doesn't get any easier 5 stars
One of those phenomenal free programs, that works wonderfully as your default burner. It keeps growing too, which makes it a software on the move. Make .iso files, burn CD and DVD, burn your mp3's to discs and totally back-up every important directory on your pc. Make photo CD's, with an intuitive drag and drop interface. The software allows you to save each CD it makes as a project, which is important for later reference. If you burn CD's and DVD's often, this is a fine program to consider adding to your multimedia toolbox. Price: Free
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ArtRage (Starter Edition) ArtRage (Starter Edition)

Makes creating graphic art easy 5 stars
Nice GUI on this one, and so easy to use. Experiment with your own paintings, drawings etc. or import photographs to use as tracing paper. Getting used to the painting tools was a little bit awkward at first, but that was soon replaced by great confidence. And the results were wonderful. My family were very impressed with a poster I made using the software. Price: Free
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Picasa Picasa

Rave reviews 5 stars
This is one of those software programs that started out as something different than it became. The features are fun to experiment with, and the email feature for sending and sharing photographs and albums is something only found in expensive software. For sure not in something offered for free. It works seamlessly with your email program (Gmail included). You can hold photos in the tray to create collages and print to pages in your choice of sizes. All photos can be edited first with the feature rich photo editor before exporting to another album. Don't let this one pass you by! It's easy to use with full onboard help. It has received Rave Reviews from this user! Price: Free
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Whats Running Whats Running

Great program - does what it claims 5 stars
I have thoroughly enjoyed using this software because it is so easy to understand. The feature allow you to control which programs run and which do not. Windows has many services that run that arent always what you need. Some of them, in fact, can be shut down. What's Running shows you all processes and complete information on each of them as to location and version. Then you basically decide which ones you want. I love to have complete control over which programs run at startup, and this software allowed me to accomplish my needs. Price: Free
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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

Easy as cake 5 stars
Now you can have your cake and eat it too because this program does what so many others have tried to do. I use this everyday to create beautiful graphics. If you dont know how to use a feature, full on board help is available. I enjoyed pulling down menu's and discovering much of the software on my own; it's easy as cake! Try this one out! Price: Free
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Social Entertainment Network Social Entertainment Network

A great beta 4 stars
Let's hope that this gets better with time, and that SEM will add new features and possibly a new version that will be more like a finished project. I enjoyed using the program and the wizards make it so easy to use. Most of the help for using the program is easy to find within the software itself. Not sure if I will keep it, but I would recommend anyone try it. Price: Free
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