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Cleanersoft Free Registry Fix Cleanersoft Free Registry Fix

Ouch ! 2 stars
This is not a program for the beginner, nor even the partially computer savvy. Upon running the program (on what I know to be a well, possibly paranoidly, maintained and clean PC) the program presented a list of 1143 'errors'. I went through these one at a time and to my dismay found that 509 entries should NOT have been listed. Had I unknowingly elected to 'clean' all of these I would have had a very sick PC. Regrettably this program, like many deep Registry Editors, presents information that is meaningful to a 'computer geek' but is unlikely to be of real benefit to anyone else. Use this program with extreme care - like a handgrenade, it's absolutely harmless if you know what you are doing. Price: Free
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RegToy RegToy

This is not a 'toy' 3 stars
Unless you are well acquainted with the Windows OS this isn't a set of tools to be used. You will get into lots of trouble with this program if you make changes without thoroughly understanding what you're doing. It's absolutely essential that you know the ultimate consequences of any changes you intend to make with this program. Also, be certain to create a restore point BEFORE going into a tweaking session because RegToy shows you only "hidden adjustments" (those that are not visible by default in Windows). There aren't any basic adjustments in this application. Novices shouldn't expect any hand-holding as the few onscreen notes provide little or no help. Please take care. - If you use this program to make changes to your Windows XP (or Visa) system and then uninstall RegToy, you will probably not be able the revert the changes you made. Price: Free
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MuralPix MuralPix

Really excellent 5 stars
Every now and then you come across a piece of Freeware that really is good, and this is one. I've been playing around with the extensive range of adjustable settings and am, frankly, stunned. The multiple, and selectable, month calendars are an excellent feature as is the ability to move the wallpaper image around your screen, and alter its size so that your icons are not merged into the background. Just on that point, I also am impressed by the programs ability to so closely tonally match the background to the general tone of the image being displayed, and which changes with every wallpaper change. Additionally the automatic (if you want it) making the background of the icon wording transparent is a nice touch. All in all I'm very impressed and recommend the program to anyone wanting a good, tweakable, wallpaper manager. Price: Free
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Avery DesignPro Limited Avery DesignPro Limited

Ouch! avery needs to get their act together. 2 stars
I downloaded and installed the Pro 5 fully expecting it would (a) work with their new "Quick and Clean" business cards and (b) would have a good range of useful templates. I was horrified to find that it does not support 8 per page business cards.........and the range of business card templates was minimal. Sure, you can plunder around their website and (eventually) find templates for 8 per page business cards but each one has to be downloaded as an individual file.........and not all will download; crashes and lockouts were frequent. I do feel that to be able to print business cards with a 'clean edge' is a great idea but really Avery, this bit of 'Pro' software really needs 'sorted' - as does your website. Finally, again to my disgust, there is no uninstaller provided with the software. I wonder if anyone else thinks that maybe somebody at Avery rushed things just too fast ! Price: Free
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SysInfoMyWork SysInfoMyWork

Wonderful little program 5 stars
I now use this instead of other more memory hungry RAM recovery programs and really am delighted with how simple and superbly SysInfoMyWork operates. Residing in the task bar the digital display is amazingly clear and shows very up to date information about whats going on inside your computer. A stunning range of user selectable options including a vast range of Languages and colour schemes allow you to select a language and colour scheme that gives the optimum visibility and readability on your computer. I love the ability to bring up the Windows Task Manager ultra rapidly by a single click. As a Freeware program this surely has to rate amongst the top runners. I'm extremely pleased with it and have no hesitation in recommending it. Price: Free
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Process Tamer Process Tamer

Excellent piece of software 5 stars
Bit of a fraggle having to renew freeware license every six months (or make a financial donation) but well worth the effort. If, like me, you download and view multiple video snips then you likely will find everything gradually (eventually) grinds to a halt or gets sooooo slow it takes forever for anything to happen. This program resolves that - even on Windows XP (which ain't supposed to have this problem). The configuration menu / interface may prove a bit daunting to anyone not computer literate but the program chugs along quite happily in its 'as supplied' mode - so no real worries there. Do I like it? Yes, very much and have no hesitation in highly recommending it. Price: Free
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