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Photoscape Photoscape

Best photo program I have ever used 5 stars
I have used a lot of free photo programs and this one beats them all. Their are some viewer features that it may lack so I still use other photo viewer programs but for editing it is great. I can not say enough about this program. Even it's printing features are exceptional. I have never owned Adobe's Photoshop for I will not pay that much for a photo program. The only feature Adobe's Photoshop may have, as I understand it, is connected with Raw format but I never shoot in Raw for it is a waste of time. JPG is so good now that it wins the format competition, in my view. To show you how impressed I am with this program I have even donated money to them and that for me says a great deal for I have been big with "free" for a long time. Price: Free
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SyncBack Free SyncBack Free

Excellent 5 stars
Have used it for years and it works well. I have tried both MS programs which are "Briefcase" and "MS sync" but they are confused and both gave me problems so I tried SyncBack and it works much better. You want complete clarity when you choose to replace a file or delete a file and SyncBack gives you that clarity. Price: Free
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FBackup FBackup

Understanding backup 5 stars
It surprises me how many people do not understand backup. With big drives you have to have Incremental capabilities in a backup program yet so many do not even understand that word. It means that once you remove a backup to a DVD from your computer the next time you wish to backup your changed files you can. This is the only backup program offered by Snap that allows that. You must have a catalog of backed up files in a backup program as this one and only this one provides. I have tried them all and get quite mad at programs that claim Incremental backup but do not provide it. I am surprised that Snap does not seem to know this. Price: Free
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Pixia 64bit Pixia 64bit

Working with jpg 5 stars
I have used GIMP and Photofilters and many others however this has done the best. It may not have all the features that GIMP has but it does the best with the JPG format. I have created a file using Pixia with nothing but blocks of color and saved it in JPG with almost no distortion. I have opened up this file in many programs and then saved it noting the distortions. This gives me an idea of how well the program works with JPG. Pixia is one of the best and I have only found one that did better but it was not an editing tool. Price: Free
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