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Freemake Video Converter Freemake Video Converter

Video and audio in sync 5 stars
I tried at least 6 other video editing programs and none would sync the audio and video on for SOME videos' recorded as avi or mpg. Some I could edit OK with most programs. I found that with FVConveter if I first (without any editing) saved the whole video as a AVI, then went back to FV Converter and then edited the video .... It was like magic ... Audio and Video were in sync even after many edits. This never worked with any other video editor 1000's of thanks again to Snapfiles and the produce team who gave the free program I only give FV converter ease of use 4star as you also needs the .NET framework to make the program work but who cares it works like a charm. I have seen many people searching on this subject of sync for video and audio. One comment said it doesn't seem to be able to convert a file to Divx avi so it will play in a DVD player. (I assume meaning a domestic DVD) 'Computer recorded video' as far as I know ONLY if converted to VOB FORMAT will a video play in a domestic DVD player. Mine does Editor: Many DVD players can play DivX files directly. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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XXCLONE Freeware XXCLONE Freeware

Step by step illustrations 5 stars
It does exactly what they say it will in 'Step By Step' Backup for a hard drive shown in 'Illustrations', you cannot go wrong. I have looked for a long time for a program like this thank you my search is over. The best part is after 'Backing up your C Drive' if you want to really alter anything on the C Drive and not sure if it will still boot up after say 'Cleaning the Registry' or loading programs that may be a bit suspect but you want to try them anyway. You have the best backup C Drive you will ever get. I only have Win XP on CDrive all my uploads are on another drive and it did the excellent backup in just over 1 Hour. Read the info and follow it. After the backup just unplug the power from the Main CD Drive to try the 'Backup C Drive' my computer just found the backup and loaded Win XP without me going into the Bios to set the Drive as the boot drive. Big Thanks to Snapfiles and the Programmers. Have a Happy 2011 Xmas Price: Free
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FreeFileSync FreeFileSync

So quick 5 stars
Backing up a hard drive to another hard drive is so quick and you can just look at the SAME FOLDER on the 2 drives so you don't have to look through all the files that are different on the whole drive. One point to remember after the 1st Backup if you delete (or move) any files from the Main Hard Drive these files will come up in the Backup drive. So you can quickly delete them so this saves a lot of time and if they are just moved they will be backed up in the new position when you do a Mirror image back up. Just make sure all your work is done in the Main drive and you didn't by mistake use the Backup drive to Save, Copy Move any files or you will have problems But you can save from the Backup drive to the Main drive as well Big greatful thanks to the publisher. What a great program all 5 stars I wish I had this years ago. Price: Free
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FlashBack Pro FlashBack Pro

Excellent for recording video clips on websites 5 stars
Excellent for recording the video clips on news and any other web sites and the audio is crystal clear (if the original video audio is) On Video Record you just draw a recording box around the video, so you don't record anything else you don't need on the web page. You can record the whole page if you want to. This comes with it's own Play Video program so no need for any external Codec drivers Then if you do get a problem they give you an EMail address to contact and you get a very quick reply by EMail. A BIG plus If you continue to use it you get a free license number THANKS TO THE PUBLISHERS Great service and an excellent program Price: Free Trial ($49.00)
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Best registry backup 5 stars
I lost my audio on .avi so I just reinstalled a few days back until the audio came back. This is also a breeze in PLACE OF A REG Cleaner. After opening new programs that are NOT what you want which can/will put entries in the REG. Just DELETE the Erunt folder for that day and go back and Reinstall the day before or a few days back and you get a new folder for the day your on. This is excellent after a few years and still going strong. Many grateful thanks to the publisher Price: Free
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MiniTool Power Data Recovery MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Whole hard drive back 5 stars
I lost everything on a Hard Drive. I had formatted the 'C Drive' and reinstalled WinXP and my 2nd HDrive lost everything. It showed memory as empty everything GONE but a manager program showed memory was used. I used MiniTool and it got at least 85 percent of the files back in the original folders. 10 percent I reckon was in a list of files so I was able to put these files back where they belonged. ALL with their original names, it was just like looking at my drive before they all disappeared. I had tried 2 other Undelete programs some that had many good comments but were no good for this whole HDrive with files/folders gone. Forget 5 stars, it gets 10 stars. Price: Free Trial ($69.00)
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Avidemux Avidemux

Best of the best 5 stars
My SDV.MP4 from a Samsung digital camera opens in all programs with the height too high. This is the only program that I have found that will edit SDV.MP4 video in height and width so that it appears normal and it can do a faultless. It can also open HDV.mp4 (Click preview) Then WOW I can edit one part of the video and also CUT OUT part of the Top/Bottom/Left/Right of the video (Any numbers must multiply by 8) Can edit and save the video in another format if required. Bit of a STEEP learning curve to do all this and much more but keep at it it is worth it. Price: Free
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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

Best of the best 5 stars
This program can do what I have found no other can do with TEXT You can type text then when you enter it in the graphic page. You can click on the edge of the text and STRETCH IT for a great effect You can put a background colour around the text (or a picture) and type text under a picture with no problem if you can figure out how to do it. In PhotoFilter you 'Copy' a picture then 'OPEN a new page (you can make this a colour page for a great effect)and paste the picture to the new page. You then have to Validate the Paste of the pic Then use the text editor to put a name under the picture. Thanks to everyone for the 'Best of the Best' graphics program Price: Free
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