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ClocX ClocX

Looks beautiful, works well, but... 4 stars
Did I miss the option to change the size? Or are you stuck with the default 64-pixel monster? It looks absolutely tremendous, just too obtrusive for me. Price: Free
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cPicture cPicture

Very fast and powerful - it grows on you 5 stars
Lots and lots and lots of hidden power - there's an interface learning curve which might put you off. But once you spot the (tiny) tabs at the bottom, it hangs together beautifully. Fast as they come, and needs no install, so it will go on the thumbdrive (or the office PC!). Some killer features, like the histogram, the auto-preview, the binary view and the folder pie chart. If I'm being picky, I'd like to be able to customise the visible commands, though you can resize the 'I Want To' window to hide it - and the interface font is a bit small. But if you're serious about your digital photos, this is actually a blindingly fast and frighteningly comprehensive must-have app. It's a lot more powerful than it first looks. Price: Free
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Picasa Picasa

Easy but bloated and unconfigurable 3 stars
The first time you run Picasa, you will be impressed with its speed and range of features. The rotate and enhance features are very good, and the slideshow is very slick. Then you will want - and fail - to add a new folder, or change the date or order of a folder. Then you will wonder why nearly every folder on your hard drive has 'Picasa.ini' in it. Then you will uninstall it and go back to Irfanview or jpegger or whatever. Price: Free
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IrfanView IrfanView

The one for power users 5 stars
IrfanView must be the number one image viewer for PC, though the extensive other functions - batch conversion, thumbnailing, renaming, etc. are maybe not as well implemented as the viewing interface. IView also has issues with .MOV files which can crash it (might be my codecs), and the mpeg/avi viewing system is a bit clunky. That said, I use it all the time as a sort of browser conduit between image folders and pro editing software; the crop, rotate and zoom functions, all with keyboard shortcuts, give it the edge over other freeware and a lot of paid-for apps. If you have any picture files at all you should get it, no question. Price: Free
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Vallen Jpegger Vallen Jpegger

Does one great thing no other viewer does... 5 stars
...and that's print what it calls 'postcards' or preset numbers of images per page. You pick them in the viewer and then choose the number per page to print, from 1 to 128. The layout is done for you, like a cigarette card album. This excellent function is a bit hard to find at first, and the ctrl+click function for picking out separate files is a bit iffy, but NO other graphics viewer does this so easily and quickly, not even the mighty IrfanView. Another plus, you can just carry jpegger on a USB thumbdrive - it doesn't need installation. Essential freeware. Price: Free
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