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Folder View Folder View

I've seen better solutions 2 stars
The idea is ok, but the execution isn't. The program is unstable and the fact that you need to have to open Internet Explorer first doesn't make it very useful, because let's be honest; how many times do you need a file when you're browsing? A better program is ..., which stores regular folders under a shortcut, in my case Windows Key + Z and you can use it anywhere you want, in any program, even inside input boxes where you have to enter the name of the file you want to open, save or print. Price: Free
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Tray Commander Tray Commander

Excellent tool 4 stars
Tray Commander is an excellent product and does exactly what it's made for: start programs as easy as possible. I've tried them all, but this one doesn't focus on fancy stuff that you seldom need; it's to the point. Left click on the icon and you have all the directories, files, commands or programs you need, but you can also make an extra menu with a right click on that same button. 3 things can be improved: - I takes too long to start if you make it an auto start program. - The screen that pops up when you want to add a new command doesn't have the entries organized alphabetically. - Not an easy way to backup your settings, other then backing up the complete directory. Yet, even with these shortcoming, highly recommended. Price: Free Trial ($24.95)
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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

Not as good as it seems. 2 stars
It lacks two of the most useful things that makes other programs so much better; Layers and masks. It also LACKS color management, clipping layers, histograms, curves, channels, LAB, CMYK, brush engine, adj. layers, layer styles, etc. Btw, did I forget to mention that it also lacks vectors Oh, and as for retouching tools; it lacks tools like Clone, Dodge, Burn, Healing Brush, Patch Tool or even things that are very useful when you design images for the web like slicing, GIF animation, rules, guides, advanced save for web options, you name it. It's not a bad program, better than Windows paint, but nowhere near as good as PhotoImpact, Gimp, Paintshop Pro, PhotoPaint, etc. Those who even think its better than Photoshop; oh well, there are still people who believe Santa does exist. Photofiltre is not bad, but not good either. Its free? Serif PhotoPlus 6 is free too, but at least that one supports layers. Price: Free
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