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RogueKiller RogueKiller

Caught the baddie when others didn't! 5 stars
I've got a fleet of anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware tools and yet STILL something seriously bad got through and was creating havoc on my computer! Running scans for hours with these other well known tools didn't reveal much. After talking to a friend who is a professional computer tech, I ran Rogue Killer. RogueKiller pegged the offender on my drive and anything associated with it - in just minutes! The RogueKiller interface is quite efficient and intuitive to use. The scans are usually quite quick. RogueKiller will stop processes, fix shortcuts and more - but it won't make any changes until you tell it to. This is an extremely powerful tool and works with surprising speed. As such I would recommend the use of this software mainly to people who have a very good understanding of the registry, host file, processes and how things work. To sum it up, RogueKiller means business. It's the go-to app when even the well known "big boys" don't get the job done! Price: Free
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DropIt DropIt

Impressive! 5 stars
I've had great results with DropIt! I was amazed at how many options you have when it comes to choosing the actual sorting...Virtually every sorting criteria has been covered. You can also choose to move or copy. As others have mentioned, your initial set up choosing directories and file filters may take a little time, but it's easy. Once it's all ready, drag and drop your files onto the DropIt box and watch the magic happen. Everything is sorted perfectly! If a file doesn't fit your 'profile,' DropIt will ask what you want to do with that file...reassuring so you know it hasn't missed anything. The interface is a bit unconventional but it's quite easy to use. When it's running, you just see a "larger than icon sized" blue square DropIt diagram on your desktop. Right-click on it and select "Associations" to get started. Right click will also bring up Help, Options and Profiles. Very nice app and a major time saver when you sort, copy andor move a lot of files. Price: Free
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WizTree WizTree

Essential...and speed you won't believe! 5 stars
WizTree is a very handy application with an easy, pleasing interface. If you're running low on disk space, want to do some disk cleaning, or want to find those monster files, this is perfect. Shows you which directories and files are the big "disk hogs" and does it with stunning speed. It shows directories, all sorted by size, showing percentage of drive used, sizes, date modified and attributes. From there you can drill down into directory details to show files and all their details. As it says in the description, this only works with drives formatted NTFS, but almost everyone uses NTFS these days. It scanned and sorted an overly full one terabyte drive in under 10 seconds. I thought that was fast. It then scanned and sorted 475 gigabytes of data on a two terabyte USB drive in UNDER ONE SECOND. Wow! I almost fell off my chair! I'm still in awe. One click will show the "Top 1,000 Largest Files" on your drive...a very handy feature. Again, full, sorted results almost instantly. A very useful and speedy application for your disk management tool-box. It's now one of my "essentials." Great job, Antibody Software! Price: Free
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Index Your Files Index Your Files

Reliable, fast - it's a keeper! 5 stars
I've tried a number of indexing programs, and Index Your Files covers things really well. Very intuitive layout, finds things fast, the ability to choose when, how often, or even if the database should be automatically updated or not at all. You can also manually update the database whenever you want. You can also create specific databases to search locations on your computer you choose. The found files are displayed like a file manager and the list can be sorted instantly by name, extension, size, date or location. I absolutely love the file viewer in the right panel - when you select a file, you can view it's contents instantly. A small square button in the upper right corner of the viewing pane gives more viewing options. You can even slide the viewing pane closed with a click for more room to view file details. Index Your Files allows you to copy, move or delete the files you want. When you're searching for file by specific sizes, it allows an quick, easy selection of bytes, KB, MB, or GB which is very convenient. Very nicely done, solid, works well and fast. If you're looking for file finder, this is a great choice. Price: Free
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Great for multiple drives, external drives! 5 stars
I've got 2 internal drives and 3 external drives. DriveGLEAM is the perfect solution to monitor the activity of all the drives at a quick glance. There are some options to customize the settings. Play around with them to see what works best to your liking. If your drive icons don't appear in alphabetical order in the task bar, remember you can just drag and drop them into the order you want. At first, I wasn't sure I wanted to try this software, but now that I have, I know it's going to be on my machine from now on! If you've got multiple drives, or external drives, this is perfect! Big thanks to the developer, this is just what I was looking for! Price: Free
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BlockNote for the Net BlockNote for the Net

Great for tables and quick pages 4 stars
Blocknote is perfect for the times you want to put up simple, straight forward web pages and do it quick. I think setting up tables with Blocknote is it's best feature. It's simpler, faster and easier than anything I've ever used. Setting the default fonts is super easy too. I use Blocknote a lot of times for setting the basic page layouts - it's that efficient -- and sometimes move on to other software to add more bells and whistles. One downside: if your HTML page is laden with scripts or other tricky formatting, don't open it with just isn't designed for that and you may lose some data. If you need easy to make tables, set up basic web pages fast and want good control over your page layout, try Blocknote. Price: Free
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Avira Free Antivirus Avira Free Antivirus

Highest detection 5 stars
I've tried Avast, BitDefender, AVG, Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro's PC-Cillin and others. They each have their strong points but I keep coming back to Avira because of its detection rate is near the best of the best. The updates are released sometimes twice a day. Scanning is VERY thorough and in the "expert mode" there are quite a few options to choose from. In the rare case of a notable false positive, a correction is made by Avira within hours with an updated definition. The only cost for this free version is a nag screen when you update. Clicking a button to clear the nag screen is no big deal to me in exchange for this fine product. When I do a full scan every week I feel I've got some of the best protection there is...and really, that's the bottom line. Price: Free
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Intuitive layout and efficient! 5 stars
I have been using WS_FTP Pro for ten years. Thought I`d try something new when I got my new computer. Core FTP is a very easy and direct replacement for WS_FTP Pro. It`s screen lay-out is convenient and practical. I seem to notice a speed increase uploading and downloading with this software too. Core FTP LE is great to use because its lay out and controls are very intuitive. I would definitely recommend Core FTP LE to both beginners and advanced users. A huge thank you to the people who created this fine product! Price: Free
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SUPERAntiSpyware Free SUPERAntiSpyware Free

Recent improvements make this excellent 5 stars
Very straight-forward, intuitive menus and many options made using Superantispyware a pleasure from day one. The available updates are often, usually daily. The free version doesn't guard in real time (only when you scan) and some of the options are reserved for the pay version, but even so, this is very effective and well worth having. It even searches for root kits, which other anti-virus software sometimes does not do. I've used this great program for about a year now, and my only concern had been this program's memory usage, but no longer! A recent update has proven they have definitely done their homework. The memory footprint is now MUCH less. Also, the scanning seems faster. I recommend this very highly, it's a great addition to your anti-malware arsenal. Price: Free
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CSS Tab Designer CSS Tab Designer

Easy to use, works great 5 stars
Very intuitive, good looking interface, easy to use. A reasonable selection of tabs (both vertical and horizontal) to choose from. It works great, and the finished product is really slick. If you want to put some tabs in your web site, this is definitely for you. Price: Free
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Karens Drive Info Karens Drive Info

Very convenient 5 stars
I've had great success using all Karenware software in general. Karens Drive Info is like an old friend to me. I'm constantly filling up my hard drives and need to keep an eye on free space. With a simple click once in a while, I can see the totals on all my drives. I use Karens Drive Info every day. Seems to suit my needs better than some other similar products I've tried. Price: Free
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Karen`s Replicator Karen`s Replicator

Saved the day!! 5 stars
I had installed Karen's replicator on my parent's computer. One day, they lost a very important document. They had spent considerable time working on that document over the past few weeks. Needless to say, they were frustrated! But not to worry!! Karen's Replicator SAVED THE DAY. In just minutes I simply retrieved one of the backup files and everything was back to normal. No muss, no fuss. Very easy to use, flexible, reliable and FREE! What more could you want? I've found the other Karenware software very good and use Karen's "Drive Info" almost daily too. Price: Free
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FreeCommander XE FreeCommander XE

Outstanding and free 5 stars
I consider myself a power user and have tried many, many file management apps over the years. There are only a very few that get my approval, and freeCommander is one of the best. It's solid, flexible, and does virtually everything you would want. Even though it is extremely powerful, it doesn't feel at all bloated or confusing. One thing it does nicely is display the directory sizes if you choose. This feature is fantastic when you're burning a data DVD and you want to know if your large directories will fit on the disk. freeCommander is also perfect to compare the finished DVD with the original files. I use it daily, you will too. Once you start using it you'll wonder how you got along without it. This freebie is a definite "keeper." Price: Free
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Cathy Cathy

Super fast, reliable! 5 stars
Interface takes a few minutes to get used to, but once you're onto it it's simple. When you see how quickly it catalogs a full DVD stuffed with files, you just won't believe it! It catalogs everything perfectly, and searching is lightening fast too. In the past I've tried other cataloging software that locked up, had annoying limitations, was too confusing or rather slow. Cathy has none of those issues. It's tiny on the hard drive, reliable, free, and super fast. This makes a super winner in my book. It's one I use and I think you will too. Try it, you'll like it!!!! Price: Free
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XnView XnView

Outstanding, download it! 5 stars
Many features all packed into one clean, easy to use interface, yet it isn't the least bit bloated like some other image software. I really like the powerful custom file renaming and time stamping features, excellent for those who have tons of digital camera photos. The layout is also customizable. The batch converting/processing features are more than impressive also. The more you play around with Xnview, the more you learn you can do with it. Rock solid and fast on Windows XP. My input (and this is meant to only embellish what I consider nearly a perfect product) is I would like to be able to scroll through a list of photos using the mouse wheel as well as the pageup-pagedown buttons. I also think there should be some way to limit the image tabs or shut them off completely. Maybe there is and I just haven't explored it yet. If you're thinking about trying this, the choice is very easy. Get it now, it is simply outstanding! Price: Free
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IrfanView IrfanView

So many features! 5 stars
If you like to view lots of images, Irfanview is one item that's a must. It does have a unusual double window view of things - one window for thumbnails, another for individual images. However, it does so many things, some things even expensive software doesn't do. Create screensavers, get screen captures, extract a range of frames from a video you specify, and more. Copy, move files, it generates contact sheets, and excellent, simple web pages with thumbs -- giving you full control how it is done. It's also got a host of image/color modifying tools. With the plug-ins, you can even have added image filters. I've used it for a long time and it's very solid. Try it, you won't be sorry! Price: Free
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Mihov Picture Downloader Mihov Picture Downloader

A "must-have" for downloading 4 stars
I have been using the Mihov picture downloader for a long time and consider it a "must have" for those who download a lot of images. It's easy, works fast, is rock solid and is fairly small. Incredible combination for FREE software! Even seems to grab images from sites other downloaders won't get. Mihov stands out above all the many other downloaders I've tried. I have two minor wishes: 1. That it would automatically rename (not overwrite) files that have same names. 2. It would be great if you could create "save to" directories from the interface. I'm really splitting hairs here, this software is excellent -- try it, it's definitely a keeper. Hope the developer will continue with new versions! Price: Free
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