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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

A work of art...this one. 4 stars
This has already made my life so much easier. I create graphics for my web site. I use to have to jump between several programs to accomplish what I can on this one program. I must say however that the quality is perhaps not quite the quality of some others. This is luckily an almost unnoticeable difference. The pure convenience of this program makes up for this. I find myself using this little piece of art maybe 80% of the time. Get it. You'll love it. You'll thank the authors and Snapfiles for it! Price: Free
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OpenOffice OpenOffice

I really must be dreaming. it's free? 5 stars
There just isn't enough words to describe how beautiful this program really is. I put it right up there with its' predecessor [** Office]. It has so many options and such a wonderful interface. It's fast. It's familiar to anybody who has used big expensive programs like the one mentioned above. I believe you could run a small business with this software! It's also great for Students who need to do homework, then be able to bring it to school and have all of the schools' software read it. COMPATIBILITY is the word! You just have to get this one. You will be a very happy surfer indeed. :o) Price: Free
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Tray Commander Lite Tray Commander Lite

This is a keeper! 4 stars
Do you want to clean up your desktop or your quick launch bar? Then this is a must have program! Imagine having a fully customizable start menu. It was very easy to use. It took me maybe a half hour to download, install and setup. I have used it every since I installed it, and not one bug or hitch have I found. It also makes some of your most used commands and programs only 2 clicks away! Not as fast as a quick launch but better than system tray programs. I Just cannot say enough. I Really Love It. :o) Price: Free
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Spamihilator Spamihilator

Didn't work for me!! 2 stars
I just cannot imagine what all the fuss is about. I tried it and tried it, read all the help files, tried it again. Never could I get It to work. I use Firefox but I'm sure others who have had success with it do also. I use Avast anti virus but I'm sure others do too. I'm not a newbie at these things and actually this is first I couldn't use. Go for something a little more specialized. Example: if you use Outlook get one for Outlook. Sorry Guys I have to give this one two thumbs down, Price: Free
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MP3Gain MP3Gain

Can't beat it! 4 stars
What can be said about MP3gain? Alot! It's Fast, easy, small in stature, and efficient. Oh, did I forget good quality? It is in my opinion the best stand alone normalizer I've found. Should be sold, but I'm glad it's free!!! :o) Price: Free
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