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PhraseExpress PhraseExpress

Freeware vs shareware 3 stars
I have used phrase express for some time now. I admit I do like it,and it saves me lots of time, but I am a bit frustrated that upgrades are not free. Now I know that most minor upgrades are free, and I am happy to pay for a major upgrade. But I purchased a license in Sep 2009 for version 6 and in Dec 2010 we are now up to Version 8. The only reason I purchased a license was that I was trying to do the right thing by the author. I was happily using the freeware version 1 of the software. So much for minor releases. I am expected to part with more money for version 7, and even more for version 8. Price: Free
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Spam Reader Spam Reader

Didnt work for me. 3 stars
Based on previous reviews I installed and had great expectations. Found it totally useless out of the box. Although it was easy to use, It let through so much junk that I uninstalled it after 4 days, and even then it didnt uninstall cleanly - I had to manually disable the Outlook add-in to avoid getting an error message each time I started outlook. Price: Free Trial ($29.00)
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Bells and Whistles for Outlook Bells and Whistles for Outlook

Must have 4 stars
Easy to use, works well, adds useful features to outlook. Interface is well designed, and easy to understand. In my opinion a must have for each Outlook Installation. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Lookeen Desktop Search Lookeen Desktop Search

Works well 4 stars
Very useful and easy to use. I personally like the fact that it can index slowly, so it doesn't affect your normal daily CPU processing. Works as expected (quickly) with detailed results window. Price: Free Trial ($58.31)
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AutoHotkey AutoHotkey

Awesome 5 stars
I looked around for a solution for my problem and found this software. Had it doing what i wanted within 10 minutes. Very powerful AND easy to use. Price: Free
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Startup Delayer Startup Delayer

Easy to use - does its job 5 stars
Easy to use, and does what you ask it. Installed on all my Pc's to speed up the startup time. Start all non essential stuff in the background. In my opinion, must have software. Price: Free
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Installed on all my computers 4 stars
Must have software. I have installed this as standard on all my PC's. When using it to free Memory, its best to make sure you don't push your PC to the limit. Works brilliantly if you are reasonable with you expectations, based on the installed real memory. Price: Free
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RoboTask RoboTask

Did what i asked it to do 4 stars
I set out with a challenge, I needed to print a text file every night at midnight. The problem was the name of the text file changed, and if no errors were reported that day no text file would be created - and I didn't want error messages about a missing text file. The text file had the format ddmmyy_textfile.txt. Robotask does this without missing a beat. The built in automatic processes can be expanded through custom variables defined by the user. It took a short time to become familiar with the special 'variable scripting' language, but once I did it was a breeze to use. I liked it so much I bought a license :) Price: Free Trial ($119.95)
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FreeMind FreeMind

Great software 5 stars
When I first heard about mind maps 3 years ago I was skeptical. When I actually made my first mind map 2 months ago - I was hooked on the concept, and went searching for mindmap software. Freemind allowed me to easily create a summary of all concepts covered each day in my class. A very useful and functional tool. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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Actual Window Manager Actual Window Manager

Should be standard on every pc 5 stars
This software should be standard on every PC. Having using this software for about 3 years, and would be lost without it. Heaps of features, but I mostly use one - I love the ability to minimize ANY application to the system tray. Some applications will normally minimize to the system tray - Actual Windows Managers copes admirably with these situations as well. 10/10 for after sales support. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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Foxit PDF Reader Foxit PDF Reader

The tortoise and the hare 5 stars
Adobe is the tortoise, slow and steady. However Foxit provides a different ending to the classic tale. Foxit beats Adobe reader hands down in terms of speed and resource usage.In this race, the Hare definitely wins. Foxit is fast, easy to use, and reads all my PDF files with ease. I appreciate not having to wait for the PDF files to load. Price: Free
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FinePrint FinePrint

Must have software 5 stars
I have been using fineprint and fineprint-pdf for about 4 years. To date it has saved me a fortune in printing costs and saved many trees. The software is so useful that Microsoft have incorporated the ability to print multiple pages on a single sheet in their office suite. Fine print goes one step further with custom watermarks, stationery, footers, etc. Very useful for printing emails and web pages that would otherwise print one or 2 lines on a second page. I also like the ability to invoke the Fine print PDF printer from within fineprint itself. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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Win32Pad Win32Pad

Must have software 5 stars
When I get a new PC there are a number of applications that I immediately load. Win32Pad is one of those applications. I consider this to be 'must have' software. Price: Free
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Folder Cache Folder Cache

Worth giving this go 5 stars
I used similar software for some time, however an upgrade to office 2003 caused my other software to stop working. After evaluating several similar products, I decided to go with folder cache. It does what it says, and it does it well. As with any new software it took a bit of time to get used to, however I'd be lost without it if it was taken away :) Definitely give this a go. Price: Free Trial ($19.00)
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Auction Sentry Auction Sentry

A wise investment 5 stars
Great product, easy to use and has paid for itself several times over. After sales support is excellent. Price: Free Trial ($12.95)
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WordWeb WordWeb

Must have software 5 stars
I have a CD of Must have software that I always install on any new PC. This software is on that list. My 12 year old find its very useful when she needs to lookup the meaning of a word. Price: Free
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SoundWheel SoundWheel

Very useful 5 stars
Highly recommended. Time saver. Works perfectly on my desktop, although I did have some issues using it on my laptop using the 'scroll' function on the finger driven mouse pad. (I'm sure it has a technical name). Strongly recommended for 'normal' mouse applications - Simple but effective concept. One feature I'd like to see is a 'quick mute' option, but this 'nice to have' feature does not affect the increased productivity gained by using this software. Price: Free Trial ($9.95)
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Actual Title Buttons Actual Title Buttons

Time saver 5 stars
I have been using this product for almost 2 years. Its a huge timesaver. MS Windows should really come with the features that Actual Title Buttons provides. I had one small question, and found the after sales service excellent. Highly recommended. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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SyncBackSE SyncBackSE

Highly recommended 5 stars
Quite simply, If you need a backup utility you will be doing yourself a dis-service if you don't evaluate this product. Easy to use, powerful features, excellent customer service, and at a nice price. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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GroupMail GroupMail

Not all its cracked up to be 1 stars
I was and still am a user of Group Mail 3(GM3). When GM5 was published I paid the upgrade price for the new features and better interface(?). This is when my issues started. I found the Infacta website misleading. Most useful features must be purchased as part of a pro package. This info was not clear on the website and only apparent through the "You must upgrade to access this feature" messages. I also found this software caused my PC to CONSTANTLY crash. Support was along the lines of "uninstall all other software as there is a conflict." If I had a dedicated newsletter PC I wouldn't be using Groupmail. Similaly identified bugs have not been corrected. As a programmer I know that some of the bugs identified are easily fixed. Example: File-Exit in subscriber module did not (at time of writing) work. I have since uninstalled GM5 and continue to use GM3, even if it has fewer features. Disapointing. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Dec 20, 2005: Hi - as the author of this software I feel I must respond to your message. You say that you paid for an upgrade but yet felt that you needed to purchase a pro package to get access to the features. This doesn t make any sense. We offer 2 paid versions and 1 free. The difference between them is explained in multiple places on our site and in the software (see for details). We have always sold 2 editions and we made sure not to remove any features between the different versions. I would really appreciate it if you could contact us directly so that we could go through your issues properly. I do admit that there were some silly bugs in the initial release but these have been fixed and tested and we have continued to add many new and exciting features based on user feedback. I really would appreciate it if you could get in touch with me directly and I can assure you that we are very eager to help in anyway that we can. Best regards, Jonathan Hill Managing Director, Infacta Ltd.

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