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script driven automation utility AutoHotkey is a script driven automation utility that enables you to automate almost any task on your PC by running applications or documents and/or sending keystrokes and mouse clicks. The program supports many advanced features that allow you to create complex with flow control, math commands, variables and expressions, file functions, message boxes and much more. You can even create custom data entry forms, user interfaces, and menu bars. AutoHotkey does have an initial learning curve and requires you to learn a simple scripting language, however it includes very detailed documentation, as well as a Script Recorder, that can script simple task automatically by recording your mouse and keyword activities. Other features include support for AutoItv2 scripts, compile scripts to .EXE, keyboard remapping and more. Copyright

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Publisher Steve Gray Price Free
Version 2.0.17  history Last updated Jun 05, 2024
File Size 2.96 Mb Requirements None

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A great way to make your own utilities 5 stars by mikesantana Nov 18, 2015 (Read all my 25 reviews)
I have done some programming, but I agree with a previous reviewer that, with patience, "you can do it". I had found a number of utilities on Snapfiles that "almost" did what I want, so I made up a few simple AHK scripts to control them. Problems solved! So by combining the (very easy) hotkey features with the ability to run and stop programs, check their state, control windows, etc, it can do an amazing number of things. The help includes quite a few helpful examples, and there are links to many user-contributed scripts to do all sorts of things. You might find one that does exactly what you need, or near enough that you can crib from it! I also looked at AutoIt (also on Snapfiles), which is another powerful tool, and you might find that more to your liking - a matter of personal preference. This is my choice. show Review details
First class software... 5 stars by rogerrabbit Mar 26, 2013 (Read all my 19 reviews)
I have no programming experience so its a little daunting at first, but surprisingly easy to get into and use, particularly as assistance is readily available on the forum. Makes a great text expander, something which as far as I can tell AutoIt cannot do (on their forums they seemingly regard a text expansion feature as tantamount to key logging yes, totally weird I know!). And the text can be expanded by means of keyboard shortcuts or by a great choice of GUI such as ListBoxes, DropDown lists etc. Plus there is even a pop-up calendar which works in Excel and is much easier to set up than Excels own pop-up Calendar equivalent. As a non-programmer I was initially put off as it appeared each script (e.g. each text expansion shortcut) had to be in its own file, resulting in numerous scripts having to be run and thereby being unmanageable. However I later discovered a script can contain numerous different macro commands so that is actually not a problem. Also opens websites, launches programs and much, much more. Highly recommended! show Review details
Fantastic ! Simple, light, powerful ! 5 stars by Edu_SS Feb 02, 2012 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I used ... for a decade. Since two months ago I changed to AutoHotkey. It's fantstic (not for initial users). Simple: you can edit your script directly in a TXT file. Light: ultra-fast with a bit of RAM. Powerful: you can automatize all your most common tasks. Once for all, worth spending a few hours to learn to use. show Review details
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