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Auslogics Disk Defrag Auslogics Disk Defrag

Fast 5 stars
Easy, Simple to use and above all FAST. A real improvement on the windows defragmenter. I also highly recommend their new registry Defrag program. Both are quality freeware products. Thank you Auslogics ! Price: Free
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Free Download Manager Free Download Manager

Execllent download manager 5 stars
What I like about this particular Download Manager is how easily it integrates with IE7, Firefox, Opera and Avant Browser (my favorite Browser). Easy to configure and packed with features. I use it with my anti-virus program to scan any potentially malicious files (not all free download managers can do this). Highly recommended ! Price: Free
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

The very best freeware firewall 5 stars
For me the very best freeware firewall. Rock solid and user friendly. Passes ALL the tests. This firewall and the other programs from the Comodo group is in constant development and they really do LISTEN to the views and opinions of their users. Check the forums ! Price: Free
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Free Launch Bar Free Launch Bar

The very best forget the rest 5 stars
I have tried many free application launchers over the years and this easily takes the prize. Once you learn how to configure it (no help file), you will be rewarded with the fastest and easiest means of accessing your programs without cluttering up your quick launch bar. The ability to hover your mouse over the pop up menu is a nice touch and you can create your own color scheme. I like the fact this utility does not add to your start up programs. Believe me this is the very best, forget the rest. Price: Free
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Quick StartUp Quick StartUp

Very good 4 stars
Very good start up manager. Easy to use. Nice interface. Help file included, though you hardly need it. Includes information about the programs, the security level and if you really need them on start up!. Very easy to enable/disable. Highly recommended! Price: Free
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Fresh Diagnose Fresh Diagnose

Top of the range 5 stars
Have been a long time user of Fresh Devices quality software and this is no exception. Everything you need to know about your system is here, benchmarking included. Very nice interface. Help file included. They need your e-mail address purely for registration purposes. No need to get paranoid about this, they will inform you of any software updates which are very frequent. I highly recommend all the other freeware programs from Fresh Devices. Price: Free
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Active Security Monitor Active Security Monitor

Ok to a point.. 2 stars
Ok to a point. It detects I have a firewall (Zone alarm)installed and correctly configured, but not my antivirus program (avast) or any of my spyware programs - all four of them!, even though they are up to date with the latest definitions. As a result I cannot really recommend this program. I dare say it works for some but not for me. I'll pass on this one. Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Very nice 5 stars
Very nice internet/registry cleaner. All critical areas of your PC will be cleaned. Previously used RegSeeker, uninstalled that, now I'm using this little beauty. The registry cleaner is particularly effective and the scanning is fast. No problems so far. This software is under constant development with frequent updates. Try it you won't regret it... Price: Free
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PowerClick PowerClick

Simple fast and effective 4 stars
A simple fast and effective 1-click solution to all your windows shutdown needs. Very, very low on system resources. Loads quickly on start up. In truth there are similar free programs out there with many more features (most of which you'll never need)however this takes the prize with simplicity and ease of use. Job well done! Price: Free
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ThreatFire ThreatFire

One to watch! 4 stars
A great addition to the ever growing arsenal of free security software. Works well alongside your traditional firewall/antivirus/spyware program to add an extra level of security to your PC with the added bonus of being very low on system resources with no noticeable slowdown to your computer. This 'new kid on the block' has the potential to be a big player in the software security league. One to watch! Price: Free
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LeechGet 2009 LeechGet 2009

Very good 4 stars
This is very good download manager that has more than enough features (most of which you will probably never use) and the downloads are generally fast. Nice interface. The freeware version will only allow you to download one file at a time which is why I currently use Free download Manager. Nevertheless this is a fine program. Maybe Leechget 2006 soon ? Price: Free
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XP Syspad XP Syspad

Easy access to windows programs 4 stars
I like the way you can access all of windows programs and menus from a single interface. All the 'hidden' programs are there for easy access. It takes a few seconds to launch but is nevertheless a very well done program which is updated frequently. Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Superb program! 5 stars
You really can't go wrong with this program. For free antivirus protection look no further! Have been using this program for years. Has stopped every virus/Trojan thrown at my computer. You can configure the program to download the latest antivirus definitions automatically as soon as you connect to the internet. These come sometimes 2-3 times a day.Very reassuring! Many thanks to the company for making a freeware version for home use. No noticable slow down to my computer. The email scanning feature most welcome! Don't hesitate install now! Price: Free
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SwitchIt! SwitchIt!

Very good program! 4 stars
A very good application. Does what you need quickly and simply with a cool interface which is easy on the eye. I particularly like the Time zone feature. Many thanks to the author! Price: Free
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ZipGenius ZipGenius

Excellent freeware 5 stars
A really excellent program with support for most zip formats and a cool XP like interface to boot! I like the way you can personalise the program and scan your downloaded files with your antivirus program. The built in update feature is also very good. Many thanks to the author for giving this away for free. A real keeper! Price: Free
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