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Starter Starter

Excellent system cleanup tool 5 stars
Most equipment and many software providers include an overwhelming amount of "bloatware". Eventually, it's easy to observe the negative effect on start up times. Annoying reminders are common. An overall performance hit is very likely, but harder to observe. Starter provides the ability to easily disable unwanted startup programs. In some cases uninstalling the offending program is not the best choice. Careful consideration is needed. Starter does what it claims to do and does it well. A superior freeware product. Price: Free
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KeePass Password Safe KeePass Password Safe

Excellent security tool 5 stars
KeePass ranks with the best freeware software and surpasses many commercial products. I've evaluated software and security for many years, and one truth is, that any effective security effort reduces convenience. Passwords are so inconvenient that we are all tempted to use and reuse passwords that are "weak", duplicate and virtually useless. Today's hacking and identity theft events should be enough to encourage most to try a product like KeePass. The only sensible way to start is to read over the comprehensive KeePass documentation and try to learn enough so that the methods that you choose to create, organize and use numerous passwords are consistent with, and exploit KeePass features. This chore should be less unpleasant since KeyPass is a well documented, well designed, apparently reliable product. Price: Free
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WinTinker Password Generator WinTinker Password Generator

As advertised 4 stars
A simple program that does what it says it will do. Dreaming up passwords that are somewhat convenient, but moderately "strong" is not an easy chore. This approach is the best I've seen. Using WinTinker with a password manager like KeePass is the approach I chose to manage many passwords. Price: Free
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Hexagora Performance Monitor Hexagora Performance Monitor

A useful widget 5 stars
I was looking for something very simple, that was not too distracting, to give me a sense of system activity. This was a really good fit. I wasn't impressed with it in the toolbar, but I really like it on the screen. It moves easily if it gets in the way. Thank You Author. Price: Free
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CdCoverCreator CdCoverCreator

Great work 5 stars
This is a really good piece of work. "Author, Author"! The description does not mention direct access to your computer's scanner which I feel is a super feature. Price: Free
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Transporter P2P Transporter P2P

Excellent tool! 4 stars
I use Transporter for peer to peer communication on a home network. Its a great little tool. For those of us who are not all that proficient in networks, I wish there was more help on setup and use, but I understand what FREE is. Thank You Mr. Younce! Price: Free
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