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3uTools 3uTools

Outstandig freeware, forget itunes labyrinth. 5 stars
Finally a way to manage easily your iPhonei/Pod/iPad without the unpleasant iTunes: rigid, trouble-full, slow, non practical and unfriendly software. Now You can really browse the inner places of Your device, copy, retrieve and preserve info that otherwise You will lost forever. It all started when my iPhone 5, iOs 10.33 stops allowing whatsapp to work at all. I uninstall the app and then try to install it again, but somehow iOs avoid that possibility, showing the never ending circle of downloading or installing, but never completing the process. With this software I was able to download the app, and install it via 3uTools. With the last version of iTunes You can not manage Your apps, so 3uTools is now THE option. And now my whatsapp it's working fine without having to restore the whole iPhone. I can not believe it is free. That's it. Price: Free
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Wise Registry Cleaner Free Wise Registry Cleaner Free

The best registry cleaner i have ever tried. 5 stars
And this one is freeware! One good point it that this one is also "portable" (see the pen drive icon beside the OS availability) so you can use it on you pen drive. In the same directory you can keep your "registry back up", and "restoration point file" (but I do not know how to use this restoration file with windows, just need a little Google...). The interface is very nice, clean and intuitive, you can work on very safe mode, cause dealing with the registry is always risky!. You can also set to automatic safe clean up and exit! You really can feel how much your PC performance improves. I have tried and paid for several registry tools, and by far, this is the best I have ever tried, and it's free!, I think I do not need to upgrade to the premium version. Please keep it free! Best regards, readers! Price: Free
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Audacity Audacity

It's a pain to find good help 2 stars
I know by far this is a good program, but lacks too much on help and guidance. Sound issues are not easy, and the programs doesn't helps too mucho. I.E.: after installing, no sound recording device were detected. No info on website, confusing info in forums, confusing screen captures (using same version!) menus just disappear (apart from the old looking GUI) It would be nice to have some contextual help and recommendations, i.e. frequency rate? how do I know which settings are good for the job I'm doing? (some hours googling it...)Some other issues, wav files does not behave like normal wav files. A lot of good intentions, there's a lot of people enjoying this program, but any time I use it, I have a lot of troubles. You may need a PhD in Audacity... I do not get the point. Price: Free
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Recuva Recuva

Fast, easy, smart, and free 5 stars
There are nice restoration app out there, some nice standalones, buy they lack to be smart enough to help you find what you need, not offering very technical options, neither beeing so minimalistic. With this software in less than 3 minutes, I install, I search, I found and restore what I lost (some file images deleted automatically by a download manager, so they were not in the recycle bin).[for nice standalone try "DiskDigger" also here] Thanks again webattack!!! Price: Free
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EaseUS Deleted File Recovery EaseUS Deleted File Recovery

4gb files deleted by Vista - recovered! 5 stars
Once again troubles with Vista [I really hate that OS...]: files copied with Win XP SP2 on a HD SD 4 GB can be seen but not cut or copied on Vista. Vista asks to check the files system of the SD card, and deleted some files without any reasonable reason -sorry for the resonant sounding words-. It was late at night, very tired and I just want my files back fast and easy. Snapfiles [my old beloved Webattack] and EASEUS does the job in seconds. All my files back and working good! I love freeware, MS bad guys... I have paid MS OS's about seven times through my life, It always makes more troubles. I'll come back to MS-W-XP SP3 and forget about VISTA's nightmare. Thanks snapfiles! Price: Free
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Unlocker Unlocker

Finaly a freeware usb unlocker! [also] 5 stars
Finally I found a freeware able to unlock USB devices like flash memory, USB hard drives, etc... The description of this freeware do not mention that it works very fine to unlock USB devices. Great job, no more dealing with the complicated "Process Explorer for Windows v10.21" to do that job. Price: Free
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