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Thingamablog Thingamablog

Powerful product - tricky initial setup 4 stars
I first used this application in 2005. Three years on and I was asked by a client to recommend a blog authoring tool. Unfortunately, the documentation is still inadequate on the initial configuration of the publication paths. In the end you just use trial and error combined with an ftp client running to work out what the paths should be. Also, if you enter wrong paths or an incorrect FTP password the cancel button just seems to hang the application and not close gracefully. However, that said, Thingamablog is worth the uphill battle to initially get the publication settings right. Price: Free
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QuoteRight QuoteRight

Can also be used as a text wrapper 3 stars
Although designed primarily to insert e-mail reply characters or quoted text, because it inserts hard line returns at user-defined line lengths, it can also be used to format text intended for use in text editors or other plain text contexts. For example, if you wish to prepare a plain text mailshot that will display as you intended. The interface could be made more user-friendly. The changes work behind the scenes in the clipboard and are only seen when you do a paste. Otherwise, very good little utility. Price: Free
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PureText PureText

Should be a standard feature in Excel etc. 5 stars
I've been using this tiny little utility for years now and take it for granted. When working on other people's computers I often wonder why ctrl+q doesn't paste plain text! Why waste time in Excel doing Edit > Paste Special > Values, when you can just press a couple of keys. Price: Free
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Nesox Link Checker Free Edition Nesox Link Checker Free Edition

Didn't meet expectations. 1 stars
One for the immediate uninstall list unfortunately. After fathoming out the interface, I was hoping to see the page ranks for all inbound links. It did not appear to offer this. Price: Free
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Sitemap Creator Sitemap Creator

Fast and effective 3 stars
Sitemap Creator V1.10 helps take the tedium out of preparing a site map intended for integration into your website. Whilst it is fast and effective in processing your local website, the interface seems to be needing some improvement which may come in future versions. The boxes for editing the HTML, if you want to customise the sitemap appearance, are far too small for comfortable use and the screen cannot be maximised. On the advanced option screen, the file exclusion filter box is idiosyncratic in operation. To add a new filter you need to go to the bottom of the dialog and double click on an ellipsis! Price: Free
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Initial thoughts - cpumon 4 stars
Having used another excellent resource meter for some time I was a bit concerned about how much resource the meter itself was using. So I thought I would try something different. Running it on a miserly Celeron 433, CPUMon used only three percent of processor resources. Yet at the same time has a really stylish, customizable transparent display showing a CPU and RAM graph. The Desktop display can also be sent to the Systray. (Although it would be nice if it could display in the Systray and Desktop simultaneously.) A realtime CPU monitor is a must for anyone short on processing power or who needs to know when they are "red lining". Price: Free
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