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VLC Media Player VLC Media Player

The best video player 5 stars
I've been faithful to VideoLAN for years, at the behest of a friend who was sick of me complaining about Windows Media Player and Quicktime, they suggested VLC Media Player (VideoLAN) and I have been much happier ever since. It's lightweight, it does every format imaginable (with the right codecs installed mind you), and it rarely crashes. The downside, yes it does crash occasionally, far less than WMP does for me, but other than the occasional crash it's great. Price: Free
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Flexible Renamer Flexible Renamer

Used every single day. 4 stars
Honestly there is not a day that goes by that I don't use this program, I love that it has right-click through the shell, so when I'm moving through Windows Explorer I can rename an entire folder that's just been downloaded with ease. The interface is cluttered, but useful once you get the hang of it, supports undo, even if it crashes, so if you make a mistake, even if it dies in the process, restart it and you can undo what you did. I've used Flexible Renamer for years now, and I don't know how I lived without it. Price: Free
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XMPlay XMPlay

Great little mp3 player 4 stars
I like that it's small, that it does exactly what you need it to do (if all you're concerned with is listening to your music). I've never had a problem with it skipping, or popping, even when a million other things are running in the background, it's an extremely useful mp3 player, it's not as advanced as some others, WinAmp, Songbird, etc., but if all you're doing is listening to music, and not concerned with a collection, or editing metadata, hands down one of the best, if not THE best mp3 player available. Price: Free
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Songbird Songbird

One of the best music players available. 4 stars
I like that Songbird has a small footprint, it's easy to install (guided menus), it's not resource hungry (Task Manager claims 65MB(66,752KB) of system memory used while playing music, vs. WinAmp taking more than twice that amount), it has an attractive interface, highly customizable, and gives you all the ability to edit metadata you'll need to tidy up your collection. Until now I've used XMPlay to play my mp3s, which that program works nicely, but as my collection grows and I find myself putting my music on more and more devices (Phone, mp3 players, xbox 360 via ethernet) it's nice to have more advanced control over the collection and metadata. The one thing I would like to see added, is the ability to refresh metadata for your collection, or a selection thereof from within Songbird itself, as it stands, you have to restart the app or remove/re-add the files in question if the metadata is edited externally. Highly recommended! Price: Free
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