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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Works great for windows 7 and below 5 stars
This program works great for Windows 7 and below (I have not tried with 8 or 8.1). I am unimpressed with using this on Windows 10 though. I found that after using in Windows 10, I was unable to access many apps and the app store. Sad...I really, really, really loved this app when I ran Windows XP and 7...... Price: Free
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EaseUs Disk Copy EaseUs Disk Copy

I'm amazed.. 5 stars
I had to do an image of a hard-drive that used a proprietary operating system...this worked like a charm. I burned it to a CD, popped it in, and after making a few (very easy) selections, let it do its work. Very straight-forward in the way it works. It asks you to choose the hard-drive you want to copy and then the one you want to copy to...can't get much easier than this! Price: Free
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Ashampoo Burning Studio Free Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

I can't believe.. 5 stars
I can't believe Snapfiles only gives this 4 stars...please explain your reasoning! I have tried many, many other burning programs and this is the only one that I have not had a coaster with. It gets 5 stars from me... Price: Free
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Restoration Restoration

Didn't work for me 4 stars
I have to give it good stars, but, I do so hesitantly. Meaning, this software may work for some of you. It didn't for me. Of course, I don't fully fault the software as it was able to find some items I had deleted eons just didn't find the one I deleted (which was less than a week ago). Hope it works for certainly can't hurt. Price: Free
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Stardock Fences Stardock Fences

Awesome! 5 stars
Great little program. Helps to keep my desktop clean and makes it easy to find what I'm looking for. I've used many other types of tools to keep things organized and this seems to work best for me. Others hide your icons/files (which works great if that's what you're looking for)...this one allows me to keep all of these icons/files on my desktop and lets me sort them into different categories. A nice feature is that if I want to hide these desktop icons/files, all I have to do is double-click on an empty space on the desktop. Would definitely recommend this to people who like some clutter on their workspace (but, allows them to hide clutter when they need to). Price: Free Trial ($19.99)
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PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition

Hold on a second... 3 stars
Just a word to the wise...this program is made by Symantec...the same company that makes Norton's. For those that don't know, Norton's is a resource hog and is extremely hard to remove (it literally takes control of your system). Now, just as Norton's is a "good" anti-virus, I'm sure this is as well. However, you won't find it on my computer as I believe there are better options than this...hence the "'s around the word good. Most people will find this program handy/helpful...just know that it is made by the same people that make Norton`s. [Editor`s note: This product is made by PC Tools. The company has been recently acquired by Symantec, however Symantec had nothing to do with the development of this software.] Price: Free
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