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CamStudio CamStudio

Find something else 1 stars
P. O. S. Yeah, when this program doesn't work, open your door and ask the first bird that flies by for help. That's all the support you will ever get. This program is just not worthy of Snapfiles. Needs to be removed. Price: Free
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DVD Flick DVD Flick

Av out of sync no matter what 2 stars
Audio and video are out of sync. Period. At 1x, av is out of sync. At 2x av is out of sync. At 4x, guess what? Dingdingding, av is out of sync. No matter what burn speed you use, av is out of sync. Got some time to kill, use this program. Want to burn a DVD you can actually watch, find a different program. The program actually is fairly easy to use, but, video quality goes down a noticeable notch, and ease of use is not worth the stack of useless DVDs now sitting in front of me. Hey DVDFlick, any chance of getting my time back? Thanks DVDFlick. Not. And I DID NOT give this program 2 stars, that's the lowest option Snapfiles offered me. I would not give this program even a fifth of a star. Price: Free
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