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create DVDs from your video files DVD Flick is a DVD authoring software that enables you to create DVDs from your video files. You can select one or more video files (more than 45 formats are supported) to be included on the disc and the program will automatically convert them for you and burn the DVD. You can even choose a DVD menu design from one of the included templates and optionally include subtitles and/or custom audio tracks. DVD Flick offers support for more than 60 video codecs and 40 audio codecs. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Dennis Meuwissen (Open Source) Price Free
Version Last updated Jan 03, 2010
File Size 12.3 Mb Requirements None

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Just a few remarks... 4 stars by PogMoHon Dec 22, 2014 (Read all my 22 reviews)
A good program to put together the DVD AUDIOTS + VIDEOTS folders needed on a DVD-video. And to make a DVD ISO image of that. As long as your input consists of 1 movie file. Else: video-audio sync conflicts on the resulting DVD. To prevent this sync problem, you could join movies, images, sound and effects in 1 new movie with e.g. 'ffdiaporama', save it as mpeg2, import it in DVD Flick, create the movie DVD (with streamcopy even...) and burn it seperately with e.g. 'imgBurn'. show Review details
Good but needs work 3 stars by gimpguy Jul 29, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
When I was browsing through and saw DVDflick, I had to try the latest version, I had an older one (which coincidentally I could never get to work right). My videos turned out like bad kung fu movie dubs and gave up. Currently, I had a slight sync issue again, tried numerous fixes,(4 hours worth I think) no go. It seems some things haven't changed with this program and it's too bad, it would be awesome otherwise. I have a feeling once this issue is resolved, DVDflick will be a top contender. It always was buggy and why I keep trying new versions only to experience the bugs again, some in new ways. I did end up with 2 coasters and one kung fu. One to set my coffee mug on and one to throw across the room while watching my badly dubbed video. ;)Joking aside, I hope it improves because when it does, it will be awesome. show Review details
Av out of sync no matter what 2 stars by cockgrinch Jul 28, 2011 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Audio and video are out of sync. Period. At 1x, av is out of sync. At 2x av is out of sync. At 4x, guess what? Dingdingding, av is out of sync. No matter what burn speed you use, av is out of sync. Got some time to kill, use this program. Want to burn a DVD you can actually watch, find a different program. The program actually is fairly easy to use, but, video quality goes down a noticeable notch, and ease of use is not worth the stack of useless DVDs now sitting in front of me. Hey DVDFlick, any chance of getting my time back? Thanks DVDFlick. Not. And I DID NOT give this program 2 stars, that's the lowest option Snapfiles offered me. I would not give this program even a fifth of a star. show Review details
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