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Instant Document Search Instant Document Search

Squint your eyes 1 stars
When initially setting up, you are given all these options of what you are not going to search-but all are selected. You start going down the list and I am thinking, "why is it only give enough room to see one file type at a time, why can't I view all of them at once?" So I magnified the view but did nothing to be able to look at all the file types at one time and unclick what you don't need. If this is how it will go then no need for me to mess around with it. Price: Free
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XYplorer XYplorer

Find better ways to view your own stuff. 3 stars
If I go to File Explorer for Windows 10, I can find what I need on the left side panel. With this software, it does not configure in a way that you can find what you need. How long should I mess around with the program before giving up because I cannot find folders and files. I do not know about anyone else but not being able to find folders and files is not a good thing. Is there a way in this program that would make things bigger or zoom or something. So I use Windows 10 magnifier to be able to loo at this but of course, have to scroll all the way to one side to move up or down-but you are just taking a guess on how far away you must go down. If a program does nothing but waste your time, think I am gong to pay money for this? Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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TaskSchedulerView TaskSchedulerView

What is going on when you do not know about i 5 stars
Pretty awesome program. Not any kind of computer expert but would like to understand what is happening inside my computer. This program is pretty good at learning and understanding what is happening in your computer. Price: Free
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DVDVideoSoft Free Studio DVDVideoSoft Free Studio

Not free for long 1 stars
You can download 30 minutes of a video and then you have to get a premium upgrade. Would definetly think of taking this off the freeware list. As others have noted, will keep getting popups to entoice you to upgrade to premium service. Price: Free Trial ($39.00)
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Everything Everything

Bye bye Microsoft 5 stars
Never before have I ever had such hate for Microsoft software. Been looking for programs that would allow me to use less and less MS software. Between virtual folders and libraries-this software is a whole lot better. Price: Free
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