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TinyWall TinyWall

Revives the Windows firewall 5 stars
The Windows firewall is actually pretty darn good as far as the protection layers goes. The problem is that the default settings are insecure and the configuration way too complicated. TinyWall overcomes this by hardening the default rules and making it much easier to configure the firewall. It can also block known malware connections by port or web address (although this list cannot be edited or viewed). The only caveat with TW is that it blocks all traffic by default, which can be a problem if you want to install it on a machine that you access remotely. They should make this an option during installation. Price: Free
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Sweet Home 3D Sweet Home 3D

Really cool for re-arranging rooms 5 stars
This is a really cool app if you want to re-arrange your furniture. You can create a scale model of the room and then dragn drop furniture items into it to get an overall feel of what it will look like. Of course the furniture items don't look exactly like mine, but you can get pretty close with some tweaking. Price: Free
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NK2Edit NK2Edit

Very useful 5 stars
I am not big on creating Contacts in Outlook, so for most emails I simply type the first few character of the recipient and Outlook brings up a list of email addresses based on previous emails I sent. This works great, but the problem is that these entries cannot be managed from within Outlook. There are some old ones I would like to delete, so I don't accidentally select them... This app allows you to do just that and more! You can edit names, add new entries and do all sorts of things. Nice! Price: Free
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CDRoller CDRoller

Worked for me 5 stars
One of my photo backup CDs got scratched and Windows would refuse to even let me open the CD. I installed CDRoller and was able to recover most of my files. I guess the file directly affected by the scratch are unrecoverable. Price: Free Trial ($49.00)
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