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Norman Malware Cleaner Norman Malware Cleaner

Have downloaded norman at least 100 times. 5 stars
I'm writing this review mainly in response to DonMarquis comment Very good if you can download it. Well, it IS a large file at 13 of a gig, but with a high-speed connection and especially a download manager (I use FDM)it really is a moot issue. I have DL'ed Norman at least 100 times over 5 years and have ran it upwards of 1000 times. Now, what IS Norman? While it is NOT realtime virus protection, Norman Malware Cleaner is a TRUE standalone program (i.e. it needs no special files from your computer and leaves nothing except a quarantine folder and the Log it creates on your desk top) that scans for malware using daily updated Definitions-- you "update" Norman by downloading a new one. Some reviews say things like "finds what others did not" and I can't put it any better than that! I run it every few days on all my machines and more so on my "at risk" machines. Moreover, because of my OCD and crystal meth abuse, I keep it on a USB and run it on any machine I sit at AND NEARLY ALWAYS FIND SOMETHING. The only thing I would add is, you need to go to Options and check all the boxes-- and don't worry, it still doesn't do anything irreversible until the very end, at which time you can delete items (all or some) from the quarantine. Excellent standalone malware definition scanner! Price: Free
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Free Alarm Clock Free Alarm Clock

Simple and effective 5 stars
I use this to wake me up every morning. It works perfectly. Big plus: it is a stand-alone, no-install program. A jewel of a find. Price: Free
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1by1 1by1

Easy on resources 4 stars
My laptop has resources/temperature issues so I needed a player with a small footprint. I was looking for something with a barebones design along the lines of the video player "FLV Player Nano", wich i love . Well, 1by1 doesn't impress as much as my "NanoNano", BUT, it has a helluva lot of options (too many??) AND is easy on the cpu -so far no spikes over 10 with an average of 0 to 3- and thats what I was after. I will probably continue trolling for more tiny-player choices, but that can largely be attributed to my crystal meth addiction. If I don't find anything else-- no big deal, as this little rascal fits my needs. I recommend it. Price: Free
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