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FileMenu Tools FileMenu Tools

Wonderful set of tools worth every penny 5 stars
Started using years ago before the limitations and having to pay to use the latest full version. it is well worth the money for just the file renaming portion of the software. Price: Free Trial ($11.00)
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Earth Alerts Earth Alerts

You need a google account and to use 1 stars
Easier to go to a website then install this and then go to google and get an api to even use the software. Price: Free
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A must have for sure. 5 stars
The apps chosen are some of the best out there. essential for those of us that keep our files on a stick. from emails to graphics and in between you would be hard pressed to find all these choices on your own. So if your like me, I suggest you check this one out. Price: Free
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Ken Rename Ken Rename

Great filefolder renaming tool 5 stars
Handy file/folder renaming tool. Has features many other rename apps don't. give it a try and i bet you will find this to be one of your must have apps. it has saved me many hours renaming folders/files using the 'action feature' alone. running portable version on win 10 with zero problems. Price: Free
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LabChirp LabChirp

Not very useful for most 2 stars
Think radio shack level electronics....sort off. it might be useful for a very, VERY, small group of user's looking to create basic sine, square waves, etc. you can't import wav or other sound files and use it as say...a multi wav sound editor, mixer. recordimport real world sounds. think... say an oscilloscope with audio output, not visual. Price: Free
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TakeOwnershipPro TakeOwnershipPro

Just works 5 stars
Quickly resolves permission problems when working with files or an entire directory, sub-folders, etc. it integrates nicely into the right click context menu so when you need it it's there. with just 2 clicks you have fixed the problem. saves a bit of time by automating the task. a 'must have' piece of software in my book. have been using for 3 years on several machines now with no issues. a big 'thank you' to the publisher of this handy bit of software...and as always.. a thnx to for their review and informing us of this useful bit of kit. Price: Free
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GetWindowText GetWindowText

Easy to use and great asset 4 stars
Sometimes you need to copy an error message, or just capture txt from a window. this app is straight forward and easy to use. an asset for anyone to add to their software toolbox. a big thnx to the publisher 'Nenad Hrg' for their work and for letting us know about this handy bit of software! Price: Free
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Windows Explorer Tracker Windows Explorer Tracker

Crippleware...not freeware 1 stars
Dont waste your time on this turd. only tracks the 1st 26 things per 24 hours. with windows, that's about 5 min. 30.usd to actually use the software. None if this is stated ANYWHERE until after install. there is better software that is free. Price: Free Trial ($29.99)
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Classic Shell Classic Shell

A must have app! makes windows useable again! 5 stars
It is on my top 5 apps to install on any of my new computers. i install it right after firefox. i just cant say enough good things about it. best thing since sliced bread! this app gives back what microsoft seems to take with every new os release. useability of your computer. it unmacs your pc. many of us actually use computers and need features more useful than something for a 5yr old. Price: Free
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OpenOffice OpenOffice

The best alternative to Microsoft Office 5 stars
The "Best" alternative to Microsoft Office.... PERIOD Price: Free
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Doesnt work on network drives 2 stars
Doesnt work on network drives other free programs here work just as good... for free! Price: Free Trial ($19.99)
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KF Web Server KF Web Server

A rock-solid and stable web server 4 stars
KF Web Server is a solid base if you are looking to host your own website(s) at home on your high speed dsl/cable connection. note: To make it even easier you usually can buy a static ip address from your isp. if not places like no-ip will point internet users to your web server at home using one of their free domain names even if your ip address is a dynamic one from your ISP. I have used KF Web Server for over a year with an average of 5k visitors a week on 3 different websites with almost no problems. Looking for a feature rich free webserver? KF web server fits the bill. You can almost "set it and forget it" performance. Price: Free
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