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run Android apps on your PC BlueStacks enables you to run many Android apps in a full-screen environment on your PC. The software comes pre-loaded with several popular apps (Evernote, Pulse, Facebook, Fruit Ninja, Pokemon Go! etc. ...) and you can download additional apps from Google Play and other sources. Each app will behave exactly as on your Android device and touch or swipe actions are replaced with mouse clicks or mouse swipe movements. Apps that depend on certain Android hardware features (e.g. Gyro Sensor, camera, GPS etc.) will obviously not work properly. You can also sync the apps that are already on your phone using the BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android app. Copyright

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Publisher BlueStacks Price Free
Version 4.205  history Last updated May 12, 2020
File Size 244. Mb Requirements None

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Yikes 1 stars by gimpguy Jul 17, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
First off, my good pc sustained damage and is no longer with me, it will be missed. Currently however, I'm still running X64 Win 7 sp1 athlon 2.6 ghz dual core, 6 gigs ddr2, it typically does the job and runs Skyrim on ultra with the ATIAMD Radeon HD 5770 in here. One other thing, even if you have multiple cores as the prior review states "12", if a program does not utilize these cores as say Blender 3-d does, it won't matter and they may as well be off. Aside from this, I agree with the last review and this is above and beyond system hogging. I am running at 100 cpu usage with BlueStacks, utterly ridiculous. It installed fine and that's about it. It took well over 3 minutes just to load the menu of apps. My son's pc is far better than the one I'm on and yep, right around 30 cpu usage, then run the "My apps" and it jumps up considerably. He has Phenom black deneb 2, 8 gigs of ram DDR3, Radeon HD 6970 saphire extreme edition card, not a slow pc by any means and he runs anything he has on full without issue, except this. All in all, I can't say anything good about something like this except it's free. I don't recommend it either since it will all but kill many computers. There is definitely a programming issue as to how it utilizes resources. Sucking them dry is not an option. show Review details
Win 7 PC version 3 stars by Yodat1 Jul 16, 2012
I have very little experience with this app so I can't really comment on it's performance other than this. When I ran it for the first time it took nearly 30 percent of my system's resources. I have a 64 bit 12 core 3.2GHZ 10GB memory system running Win 7 SP1. What was this app doing that drove this powerful of a system to 30 percent busy??? I suspect this app would bring a dual or quad core system to it's knees. show Review details
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