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PC Power Tools 12Ghosts Complete is an immensely useful collection of tools and gadgets will help you to work faster and safer with Windows, the Internet and even automate your daily work. The collection includes more than 20 little helpers, ranging from cookie and cache management to unattended backups, document management, desktop enhancement, time synchronization and much more. (Includes: 2ndFolder, Backup, Clip, DeskTOP, FileDate, JumpReg, JustAWindow, Lookup, Messenger, NotePad, Password, Popup-Killer, ProfileCopy, QuickStart, Replace, Robo, SaveLayout, ScrnMan, ScreenSaver, SetColor, ShellX, ShowTime, Shredder, ShutDown, Startup, Synchronize, Timer, TrayProtect, Wash, WinControl, Zip1+Zip2+SFX, and Tower) Copyright Snapfiles.com

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

12Ghosts Complete is currently not available.

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