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encrypted cloud storage client Tresorit is a cloud storage client that works similar to DropBox, Google Drive and similar service. For those who are concerned about their privacy, Tresorit offers two significant advantages: First, all your files are encrypted with AES-256 before they are uploaded to the cloud, which means that they cannot be decrypted by anyone other than you. Secondly, Tresorit and its servers are based in Europe, which puts your files out of reach of a certain U.S government agency that's been making headlines lately. If you are familiar with cloud storage services, you'll find Tresorit very easy to use - simply create a new Tresor storage folder (or choose an existing folder) and the program will encrypt the content and synchronize it with the cloud. You can then access your content from a another computer or mobile devices with the free iOS and Android client apps. Tresorit also allows you to share your cloud folders with other users via email invitation and set folder level access privileges for each. Copyright

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Publisher Tresorium, Inc Price $12.50 a month and up
Version 3.5.4723  history Last updated Mar 26, 2024
File Size 88.0 Mb Requirements None

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Only provides a measly 1 GB free storage 1 stars by edwardgudz529 Sep 01, 2016 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Tresorit only provides a measly 1 GB free storage, if you want more you have to pay. Beware also that Tresorit has the right to delete your free account and files after 120 days of inactivity. If your only storing docs and such this may be of interest to you, otherwise I'd recommend a service like Dropbox, at least they give you more free storage in which you could encrypt your own files in AES 256 before upload and your files will be just as safe. This free service serve absolutely no purpose to anyone that wants to store a decent amount of files. Also, just because Tresorit is based in Europe means absolutely nothing when it comes to U.S. government entities that have long reaching arms, they will get whatever they want, just depends on how badly they want it and I am sure if you read the fine print in their TOS I am sure there is something in there whereas they can share your files and information with certain "entities" Nothing, absolutely nothing stored on the internet or cloud is safe, encrypted or not. The absolute BEST storage is encrypted OFFLINE on removable media..... period. show Review details
Good, but limited 3 stars by OnePiece Jan 14, 2016 (Read all my 12 reviews)
The main purpose of Tresorit is to provide a cloud storage protected with strong cryptography for sensitive data. It fulfills its promise, and I am convinced that the level of security it provides for free is adequate, even unmatched. Why can I not recommend this service if it is so good then? Because of its limitations. Not the size of the available storage -- 3GB is not much but for free it is acceptable -- rather the fact that the number of devices it can sync with is limited. Not only limited, but VERY limited: the free plan only allows 3 devices to be synced. This ruins the whole service to me. I have a work and a home desktop computer, a notepad, a tablet and a mobile phone (I think such a config is not so uncommon), but I can share my files only between 3 of these using Tresorit. Of course, one always requires an important but sensitive file on the device they could not include in the sync. So my advice: use it only if 3 devices are enough for you, otherwise use a normal cloud storage with an additional automatic encryption program like CryptSync. show Review details
Eh it's ok? 3 stars by gimpguy Oct 12, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
First of all, don't expect an accessible cloud storage, not happening so if you go on the internet expecting to access your files from anywhere, you will be disappointed, all parties must have this installed. If you delete information it goes to a hidden trash bin, if you lose info, recovering it is unclear as some have said it will sync, others no. Either way I've tried it but I really don't care for it so much. It's too quirky for me and I will simply keep my own stuff or even use Skydrive for now. With improvement I'm sure it'll be decent but right now, no thanks. show Review details
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