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generate and compare HASH strings DPASHA allows you to create and compare HASH strings. HASH strings are used to verify the integrity of a file (e.g. SHA1 E1D55D5160B167D5CBC7AC9BC3AD716C86463BDC). If a file supplies a HASH string for verification, you can copy it to the clipboard and use this program to compare it to the value generated from the actual downloaded file. You can also generate standard HASH strings for any file you choose. The program supports SHA1 160bits, MD5/MD4 120bits, RIPEMD-128 128 bits RipeMD-160 160 bits, CRC32, SHA-256 256 bits SHA-384 384 bits SHA-512 512 bits and HAVAL 256. Copyright Snapfiles.com

DPASHA is currently not available.

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