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In-depth privacy cleaner PrivaZer is a privacy cleaner that scans your computer and provides you with a complete report of all computer and Internet traces that can be found on your PC. You can review the results in the detail and choose to securely erase them from your disk. The program performs a very thorough scan that not only includes the common traces like registry, Internet history, cookies etc., but also looks for potential traces in your free disk space sectors. PrivaZer can permanently wipe all traces using secure deletion methods and also reset you free disk sectors to zero to eliminate all traces from previous delete operations. The initial scan and cleaning process can be a little time consuming (20-30 mins), depending on the size of your disks and number of traces found. Other features include scheduled cleanings, support for removable drives and USB keys, automatic registry backups, deletion of USB history, and more. Copyright

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Publisher Goversoft LLC (2) Price Free
Version 4.0.68  history Last updated Mar 16, 2023
File Size 7.15 Mb Requirements None

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Runs great in 2019 5 stars by JURYCOM Feb 05, 2019 (Read all my 43 reviews)
Faults: Should have backup registry option on separate GUI. Pros: Ran great on 2 TB modern HD (not like in 2012). Very fast & took about 40 minutes first time. I was astounded how many files it deleted. It freed about 30 GBs of space, too, although I have 1.4 TB and don't need more... The initial re-start saw a few minor issues but was fast and without error. I give this program an A+ and will get the Donor Version. show Review details
Eats disk space 1 stars by dan-fan-cc417 Oct 28, 2017 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Every time Privazer is run on a drive, some free space disappears and is unrecoverable. I have a virtual drive, which when mounted is 768 megabytes. This drive contains only a few data files. Large amounts of data are temporarily added and then removed. The info in the files changes, but the overall size of them varies very little. Yet, as I use Privazer on this drive, I observe that over time the free space keeps dropping. Eventually it reaches the point where Privazer says there is insufficient space to clean the MFT table. Yet the total size of all files and folders on the drives is still as before - well under 100 megabytes, as shown by Windows Explorer. To fix the problem I copy all files elsewhere, reformat the virtual drive, then copy all files back. Voila, about 700 megabytes free again. I have reported this to Privazer several times over the years, have never received a reply, and find that the problem still exists in the latest (3.0) version. show Review details
Privazer competes with ccleaner -- very well! 5 stars by ltgargaz367 Apr 06, 2015 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I've been using Ccleaner for at least a decade, and it's great. I will not replace it with PrivaZer -- yet. However, I will use PrivaZer to do a deep and thorough cleaning at least 1week. It is feature rich and easy to use -- especially for the more experienced user. Like Ccleaner, you can protect selected cookies and the rest will be deleted. The UI is friendly and their support appears to be excellent. I'm thinking that just prior to defragmenting my HD, I will run PrivaZer -- not Ccleaner. I HIGHLY recommend PrivaZer. They know what they are doing. show Review details
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