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multi-user information manager EssentialPIM Pro is a visual appointment and information manager for a multi-user environment, that allows you to organize your daily, weekly or monthly schedule, assign tasks to other users and more. It includes an address book to manage your contacts, as well as tree-style notes manager with support for rich text notes. The address book supports pictures and lets you add/remove fields to customize it for your needs. The schedule provides a very convenient way to mark your appointments in different colors, and allows you to simply drag an appointment to reschedule it. EssentialPIM supports single and recurring events, stored attachments, priority settings, color coded categories, completion indicator and reminder alerts. In addition it can export to HTML, RTF and other formats, and supports password protection with strong encryption. (Additional users require additional license purchases.) Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 days trial

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Publisher Astonsoft Ltd. (2) Price $39.95
Version 11.1.11  history Last updated Nov 19, 2022
File Size 13.4 Mb Requirements None

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Many features do not work good 4 stars by buy986 Sep 26, 2021 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Many features especially the syncing features simply do not work well enough to even make them features. It tales forever to sync notes to google or onedrive and usually it bombs out. I find that I spend more time waiting and trying to fix stuff that actually using it. If you do not want to sync and only use it as a standalone application then its good. I've been trying this for literally years. show Review details
Database corrupted on upgrade 2 stars by rogerrabbit Jul 02, 2016 (Read all my 19 reviews)
I was happy with this software and bought a lifetime license. However, on the upgrade to version 7 my database was corrupted for a second time (it happened before when I went from 5 to 6). Contacted support who eventually asked me to send them my database file. Since then they have not got back to me despite reminders over 2 weeks and I now worry if they did not intend to assist me, what are they doing with the private info (Contacts etc.) from my database? Nice software, and all good until the next major version upgrades, but unless you dont rely on the info in your database, I would avoid. show Review details
Won't synch files and support is poor 1 stars by DanBaier Apr 06, 2015 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I purchased the pro version and have come to find out that the software won't synch with google, iCloud, etc. Google they claim works but won't solve the issue despite my trying everything they suggested and sending error logs (they just keep asking for the same thing and recycling the support ticket). As to iCloud - they supposed to get back to me. Their synch across a network is impossible to understand. In my case the software loaded, but it claims it can't pair with the network. What I need is something that allows me to manage the calendar on my PC (not in the cloud) but that when I'm out and want a quick lookup, I can see it on an iPhone. This software can't do it. Despite what they say in their promotional material, it just doesn't work. Then there's contacts. In a word, it's worse. Same basic problem with how support handles it. show Review details
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