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multi purpose launcher Executor is an advanced, customizable alternative for the Windows "Run" and "Search Programs" features. It pops up a small search dialog when you press WIN+Z and provides instant, as-you-type search results for any keyword you enter. By default, Executor will index all Desktop and Start Menu items and you can easily extend the scope of the search by adding additional folder locations. You can even add your own keyword commands to launch applications, access Windows features, open documents, run web searches and more. The program comes with a list of built-in commands that you can use to quickly access many system functions by simply typing a short keyword. Executor is customizable in many aspects, you can change the appearance by using different skins and tweak the search and indexing features to your preference. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Martin Bresson Price Free
Version 1.0.10  history Last updated Jan 03, 2023
File Size 2.13 Mb Requirements None

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Underrated launcher 5 stars by joao.brito371 Apr 07, 2012 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Executor is the best app launcher I've found. You can use it without the mouse, and for me it's better than SlickRun and Launchy. Executor is easy to set up. It will automatically scan and create shortcuts for your apps. You can also drag icons to create new shortcuts, use "send to executor" or just type them. If you type a directory path (or a shortcut you've created for it) you can navigate the folder inside Executor by pressing Ctrl+e, so it's easy to get to the directory or file you want. It also has other features but I use it mostly to launch apps by pressing win + space. show Review details
Very nice 4 stars by gimpguy Sep 21, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Aside from the numerous options, the interface is easy to get around. There are numerous shortcut keys for actions so one would be better off reading all about them on the main site. Had a few issues, mainly getting the likes of msconfig.exe to run through this. It would start up the browser with links about msconfig instead of the actual executable. I tried a few methods of adding this but it wouldn't work. I finally did add it, but it would say it seems broken. I could run it right from AgentRansack, I even have a bat file that runs it, so does windows run so I am not sure why this won't. It also (after adding keywords and the program) would open the default executor folder instead of the program, which all paths were correct to the programs. Again, I have no idea, did reading on it, searched Google, etc... nothing fixed this. So aside from some default programs opening in the browser or Executor's main folder or not at all, a FAR better portion of other things did work. I think this is great but even more so for those who have a hard time searching for programs in windows or have to constantly access specific programs within Windows. It's easier than the Windows run, IF you set up the keywords of course. Basically a run system with everything the user wants. For the most part, this will make life easier for a lot of people if they need something like this. Even if you don't think you'd use it, try it, you may be surprised. show Review details
A must-have 5 stars by HZetzer Sep 21, 2011 (Read all my 23 reviews)
I cannot stress enough that you must try this alternative to the Windows Run command. If you are familiar with Baydon Slickrun than you will love this tool with even more feature and very nice interface. The SendTo option is very handy giving the ability to add new keywords with ease. This tool is pack with features and options and is very well made. The tool can run portable as well. show Review details
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