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ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver

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speed up file access with virtual RAM disks ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver enables you to create one or more virtual RAM disks that allow you to significantly speed up read and write speeds for any files that are stored in the RAM disk. A virtual RAM disk can be an inexpensive (although temporary) alternative to a fast SSD drive. A RAM disk uses a portion of your system's memory (RAM) and creates a virtual drive that is equivalent in size to the amount of memory you make available. You can then use this drive to work with files and enjoy lightning fast read/write speeds. As with any RAM drive, whatever files you store in the drive are lost when you reboot your computer. You can prevent this by saving the content of your RAM drive as image file and reload it later to continue working with the files after a reboot. ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver uses dynamic RAM disk and will automatically make any unused space available as memory for other applications. For example, if you choose to create a 500MB RAM disk but are only using 100MB of it, the remaining 400MB will be available to your system until they are actually used for storage. After installation, you can find ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver in your Control Panel applet (see screenshot). Copyright

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