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play music without vocals Karaoke Anything! lets you remove the vocals from most songs, so that it can be used for Karaoke playback. The program supports MP3 and AudioCD input and allows you to adjust the vocal remover strength to optimize it for the current song. The vocal removing works with almost any (stereo) song that uses equally mixed vocals, some may work better than others. Karaoke Anything only allows real-time playback and cannot save the vocal-free output. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Atomic Media Price Free
Version 1.0 Last updated Jul 03, 2004
File Size 2.59 Mb Requirements None

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Bass removal 3 stars by gimpguy Aug 17, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Basically this removed all bass, upped the treble and included a small echo factor giving the songs a higher pitch tinny sound more so than actual voice removal. I tried some simple .mp3's, giving it a fair shake but it failed. I have used others and to be fair, they didn't do so hot either but they did remove the actual portion of the vocals, not changed the pitch. It's not an easy task to remove the vocals by any means (as stated in previous review, you would need the original recording "not happening" obviously) but this can be done much better manually. Eh... I give it a 3, it did about as well as others. show Review details
People need to understand 5 stars by pcs800 Apr 11, 2006 (Read all my 222 reviews)
Removing vocals from a stereo mix is next to impossible. If a program such as this can do even a mediocre job, then it is doing great. To remove vocals from a song, software needs to remove certain frequencies from the overall mix, and in doing this, yes it is going to sound different. To actually remove the vocals, you would need the original recording in it's 24, 48, or whatever, channel mix, and simply shut off the vocal tracks. One common misconception about Karaoke is that you are hearing the original song with the vocals removed, when in fact you are hearing studio musicians hired to record the song without vocals. So for what this app is trying to do, it does about as good as you're going to find anywhere else. show Review details
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