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search plug-in for MS Outlook Lookout is a search add-in for Microsoft Outlook, that allows you to quickly search through the content of your mail folders. Unlike the built-in search feature which tends to be rather slow, Lookout indexes your mail on a regular schedule, and produces almost instant results. It also offers advanced search options that enable you to limit the keyword search to recipients, dates, attachments and more. Lookout has been discontinued but it still works fine with Outlook 2000/2003, visit the homepage for instructions on how to make it work with Outlook 2007. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Mike Belshe Price Free
Version 1.30 Last updated Oct 10, 2005
File Size 960 Kb Requirements .NET Framework 1

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Lookout does work with outlook 2007 4 stars by ckerno Mar 31, 2010
I have been using Lookout for years. It still finds emails in Outlook and documents in My Documents easier and faster than any of the other search programs I have used. Do make sure to click on the Options button on the Lookout toolbar and check all the folders you want it to index. Realize that it does not always find recent emails until it has indexed it so check the indexing schedule. I have it index new items every 10 minutes. I just installed it in Windows 7 and Outlook 2007. It does still work in Outlook 2007 with the simple renaming of one file at the Command Prompt. Also, the first time opening Outlook after installing it, Outlook crashes. Just close it and reopen and all is fine. show Review details
Old and undeveloped! 2 stars by Dannyelo Jul 07, 2009
I think the same as PaulDM, only that I use Lookeen instead of Copernic Desktop Search! In my opinion it makes no sense to work with an old and undeveloped tool, everything is changing and is going on just Lookout doesnt! For me Lookeen is the follower, has the same functions even more, is faster etc. show Review details
Have enjoyed using this 4 stars by speedyjr07 Jan 02, 2008
I have been using LookOut for several years now and enjoy it greatly. I am still using it on my pc at work as we are running Office 2003, however at home I have Office 2007 and it doesn't work with that version, so I have been unfortunate to not be able to continue using it. For those looking for a program to index their emails, which this will also index files based on specified file types, this is wonderful program. Much much faster than Outlook's search features. Hope this review helps out. MJT show Review details
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