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create a high speed RAM disk RAMDisk enables you to create a fast performing RAM drive that runs entirely in your system memory. Once the RAM disk is mounted, it looks and behaves exactly like a regular drive. The difference is that the read and write speeds are more than 10 times faster than with your regular hard drive. You can use the RAM disk as a temporary storage container (any files will be wiped out after reboot) or mount it as a permanent drive that will maintain the content across reboot.Using a RAM disk can provide a great performance boost for programs with high disk activity, like database applications, compilers and even web browsers. You will notice a significant improvement in page load times if you configure your browser to store the cache file on the RAM disk instead of on your hard drive.You can configure the RAM disk to be up to 4GB in size, keep in mind though that the size of the RAM disk will be deducted from your available system memory - to use a 4GB RAM disk, your system should have at least 6-8 gigabytes of RAM. (A 300 mb RAM disk is more than sufficient to speed up your web browser).RAMDisk can create FAT/FAT32 and unformatted disks. If your system has enough memory to support a RAM disk larger than 4GB, you can purchase the professional version for only 10 bucks. Displays a company ad when you start the configuration interface (which you normally don't have to do unless you make changes to your RAM disk). Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher DATARAM Price Free
Version 4.4.0 RC36  history Last updated Feb 10, 2016
File Size 7.11 Mb Requirements None

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It was ok 3 stars by gimpguy Jul 27, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Everything installed fine, no issues there. I created an image of 2 gigs, where I have 6 gigs currently. The disk image would only stay on unformatted but did work and I added files and such to it, choosing to save the image and backup the image. My biggest issue is when I'd do a restart, I could no longer get the image to load, no matter what I did. It said started but would not show in the computer window, computer management list, or anywhere for that matter. My startup time tripled as well for only a few programs. I knew where the image was stored, it simply... wouldn't reload or become recognized. I then uninstalled, tried again, same. I have no memory issues, works great, etc... while I can see this being a good program, it's a bit buggy in my opinion. show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by SastryVVSBSUM Feb 08, 2011
Best usable application tool. show Review details
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