SpamBrave Lite for Outlook Express

SpamBrave Lite for Outlook Express

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Bayesian spam filtering SpamBrave Lite for Outlook Express is a Bayesian spam filtering plug-in that will stop a large percentage of spam without the need for manual filters or adjustments. It can automatically learn from a mail folder that contains "good" mail and you can easily mark messages as Spam or Good by using newly added buttons in the toolbar. The program automatically learns from your classifications and will adjust it`s filtering accordingly. SpamBrave Lite does not delete any spam messages, but filters them into a designated mail folder from where you can review or delete them later. The Lite version does not support IMAP or MSN/Hotmail accounts and does not include RBL (public block lists) filtering. Adds a tagline to outgoing messages. Copyright

SpamBrave Lite for Outlook Express is currently not available.

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