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intelligent anti-spam filtering SpamBully is an anti-spam tool for Outlook Express (or any other POP3 email program), that learns from spam messages and continually adjusts itself to protect your mailbox. It uses proactive rather than reactive methods for eliminating spam, and will actually keep 99% of spam out of your inbox in most cases. We tested it on our spam mailbox and it filtered 199 out of 200 spam messages that were downloaded. This is very impressive, considering that it does not require any kind of user configurations. If needed however, you can customize the filtering by maintaining an automatically generated Friends list and also add any senders to a block list with a single click. The program can also bounce messages from known spammers, require confirmations from unknown senders, block selected attachments types and more. In addition, it produces a nice graph view that you can use to view your daily, weekly or yearly spam statistics. Even though optimized for Outlook Express, Spam Bully can work with any POP3 compatible email program. It runs a local POP server, that acts as a front-end to your email program. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

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One of the best! 5 stars by Joeshmoe Nov 23, 2006
After trying many spam programs over many years, I've found SpamBully is best for me. However, unlike stated in the review, it works ONLY with Outlook and Outlook Express. The reviewer was out to lunch when he reviewed this program. There are no local POP servers or any additional background processes that add to your CPU load. SpamBully becomes a part of Outlook/Outlook Express and adds a toolbar with buttons. The program is quite configurable and full-featured. For simple use, just select a message and click on the appropriate Spam or Not Spam button. But the Bayesian filter will probably already have filtered the spam for you. At setup, it will look at all your saved messages and quickly learn what is and is not spam for your mailbox. It's a very fast learner, and the program operates very quickly. I really appreciate the stability that the integration seems to give. It has a 14 day free trial and a good uninstall, so you can try it easily. show Review details
Spambully: part of the problem 1 stars by MorelyDotes Jan 07, 2006
SpamBully touts their "bounce" feature very highly. Even though their staff does not use that feature (probably because they know it would get them kicked off their ISP), they continue to sell a product which makes the spam problem worse for everyone. The "bounce" feature forwards spam to the address in the "from" header of the spam. Since the "from" header is forged in almost every single spam, and frequently it is a valid address, anyone using the "bounce" feature is, in fact, a spammer themselves. SpamBully should be removed from the market until the "bounce" feature is removed - or it should be marketed as a method of sending spam, because that's what it is. show Review details
Excellent program... 5 stars by gummers Aug 10, 2005
Excellent program, easy to install and use. After a few sessions, requires no user action as program takes care of the spam by itself!! Highly recommend to anyone using Outlook Express. show Review details
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