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Bulk Image Downloader Bulk Image Downloader

A waste of money 1 stars
For what they charge this software, it ought to be able to download images and galleries from virtually anywhere and that is just NOT the case. Even when it DOES work it downloads everything but the kitchen sink, icons, banners ... you name it so you pretty much wind up with a mixed folder full of junk sitting on your hard drive. Don't waste your time with this, it does not do what they claim it does, it's just a waste of someones programming effort. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Password Depot Password Depot

Password depot has seen better times 3 stars
Password Depot has seen better times, back in the day it was worth it's weight in gold. These days with the influx of newer password managers that do pretty much everything that Password Depot does with the same or better encryption for far less money, this software has become the old dog. Acebit seems to think they can still get away with charging 50 for software that other software's are doing for far less than what they charge for Password Depot. Do your due diligence before shelling out for this software because I am sure you will find better options. This software will continue to operate after it's trial period, albeit with only a 20 password limit which is nothing these days so if you want something to continue using free after the trial expires, this may not be for you. My rating of this product is based on price value as it is no longer worth what Acebit charges for it. Price: Free Trial ($45.00)
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HiBit Uninstaller HiBit Uninstaller

From an old revo user 5 stars
By far one of the best uninstallers I have used. After being a Revo free and paid user for years, I stopped bowing to their cheesy licensing model saved myself thirty dollars a year for something that is not updated all that often or worth it and found HiBit. Kudos on some good solid software that actually does what it says. Price: Free
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Revo Uninstaller Revo Uninstaller

Good .... but there is better 3 stars
I used to think Revo had the corner on the uninstaller market, I used the limited free version for a long time then I purchased it, then their licensing model became cheesy, I bought version 3 right on the cusp of version 4 and was not offered an upgrade even at a reduced price. In my opinion, for the amount of times this program gets updated with USEFUL features it is not worth what they charge for it (30 for a 1 year license? you're not even being offered updates to the next major version) If you have used Revo for a while whether free or paid, try the open sourced HiBit Uninstaller, it is just as good or even better than Revo with next to no learning curve and is constantly being updated, then you won't have to worry about shelling out thirty bucks a year for something that really isn't updated all that often. Price: Free
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AKVIS SmartMask AKVIS SmartMask

Wayyyy overpriced 4 stars
Not saying that it is not good but there are so many other tools like this available for a mere fraction of what this costs. If you are looking into background removal tools, do your homework first. What they are asking for this is simply highway robbery. Price: Free Trial ($120.00)
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Folder Lock Folder Lock

A little pricey 2 stars
Good program but 40 good? not at that price. There are freeware options that will do the same for you. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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Tresorit Tresorit

Only provides a measly 1 GB free storage 1 stars
Tresorit only provides a measly 1 GB free storage, if you want more you have to pay. Beware also that Tresorit has the right to delete your free account and files after 120 days of inactivity. If your only storing docs and such this may be of interest to you, otherwise I'd recommend a service like Dropbox, at least they give you more free storage in which you could encrypt your own files in AES 256 before upload and your files will be just as safe. This free service serve absolutely no purpose to anyone that wants to store a decent amount of files. Also, just because Tresorit is based in Europe means absolutely nothing when it comes to U.S. government entities that have long reaching arms, they will get whatever they want, just depends on how badly they want it and I am sure if you read the fine print in their TOS I am sure there is something in there whereas they can share your files and information with certain "entities" Nothing, absolutely nothing stored on the internet or cloud is safe, encrypted or not. The absolute BEST storage is encrypted OFFLINE on removable media..... period. Price: Free Trial ($12.50)
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