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Slowed my system 2 stars by Network May 17, 2009
I remember using this program awhile back when I had Windows 98 and it seem to help. I'm now using Windows XP on a machine that has only 512MB of ram in it. For some reason it made my computer run even slower when I kept the computer running. I would give it a try if you never used it, but for me it didn't work. show Review details
Simply: it works! 5 stars by Turbojet Nov 30, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have been using Maxmem for the past 6-7 years on several computers. Unlike some other similar applications, this one is able to free up the memory without slowing down the running application. As good as it gets! show Review details
Didn't free up memory 2 stars by rkoyle Jul 13, 2007 (Read all my 12 reviews)
This program is small and easy to use, but after using it for seveal days, it failed to free up any memory on my machine. Result was the same when running it manually. show Review details
Easy all round 5 stars by kimbakicks Oct 30, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Easy to use, easy to install, easy to adjust. Takes up little space. Does what it says it will. Can't ask for anything more. show Review details
Worth every cent 2 stars by flan4u May 25, 2006
Since it's free. It does make more physical memory (RAM) available but at the expense of increasing the swap file usage. As my Ram usage level went down, my swap file size grew, and as you know, swap is much slower than ram. The other issue I had is that it even removes system memory processes from ram presumably placing them in the swap too. My system has never been slower, good work. 1.4ghz with 512MB ram XP Home, not exactly a fast machine, but normally does quite well until I used MaxMem. MaxMem has been off for ten minutes, and my system is still recovering. Physical memory usage is increasing, but the swap file is remaining the same. Gonna have to reboot to fix what this program made worse instead of better. Kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it? show Review details
Almost perfect... 4 stars by Odysseus May 05, 2006
A great little Memory Manager, the only thing I would like to see is a configuration setting to set the default priority and a setting which prevents auto-optimization when the CPU reaches a user defineable usage or greater. show Review details
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