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Smartftp.......i don't think so! 1 stars by ianhman Nov 28, 2008
I have been using SmartFTP for a few months now and can tell you I have wasted my money! Often it simply won't upload files to my server for no apparent reason, files just get stuck in the queue, and to cure this I have to close and restart the application. I am very disappointed in SmartFTP and will soon be looking for a replacement application which is more robust. show Review details
Good until version 2.5 2 stars by sazhazman Mar 29, 2008 (Read all my 26 reviews)
I used this often in conjunction with FileZilla - I couldn't pick one over the other until SmartFTP Version 2.5 arrived. Loading the program was hit or miss on all 3 of my XP machines (all of them less than 3 years old). Some days it would load, others it would hang after the nag screen. After playing these games for months I became so frustrated that I finally uninstalled it and started using FileZilla exclusively. show Review details
Simply perfect 5 stars by ishtar Feb 06, 2007
I've been using it for years. Early on I happily paid for the full license. show Review details
One step forward, three steps back 2 stars by RaiseHell Feb 06, 2007
I used SmartFTP 1.x for many years and loved it for being simple yet powerful. Since version 2.x it just became unusable with its new and confusing interface. In addition to that the nag screens are annoying. I'll switch to a freeware client instead. show Review details
Too many nags 2 stars by megabob6666 May 04, 2006 (Read all my 19 reviews)
Too many nag screens afteer the 30-day free trial is up. I prefer Core FTP due to the fact that the free version really is free; in addition, it has all the features that Smart FTP does and is way more stable. show Review details
Version 1.x was a joy. version 2. is a pain. 1 stars by lastkrell Mar 24, 2006
I've used version 1.x of SmartFTP for years and I loved it. It was simple and intuitive. Not I'm trying to use version 2.x and I'm having nothing but trouble. I don't know why the authors made it so complicated. I thought they had it right in version 1. show Review details
This is not freeware! 4 stars by KenKnight Mar 11, 2006
While this is an amazing FTP client that does a great job. It is not freeware when it carries a price tag of $36.95 and uses nag screens to remind you of when you start the program. I see this version doesn't every time but is hitting about every other time. This is not to say the program is not worth the money... just IMHO shouldn't be labeled as pure freeware. show Review details
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