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Pale Moon Pale Moon

Fast and hassle free install 5 stars
Pale Moon is significantly faster than Firefox. The setup was a breeze; just install it and run it, and all your Firefox extensions and themes are there on first run just as if you started Firefox. The author claims this browser is better for multi-core processors. I am running an Athlon 435 X3. Price: Free
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Open Hardware Monitor Open Hardware Monitor

Two future requests 4 stars
This is a very nice program that supplies a lot of hardware information, including MB temps, HD temps, CPU temps, CPU voltages, RAM voltages, CPU load, and fan speeds. It is highly configurable, and any of the data streams can be shown in the system tray; in addition, the colors of the tray displays can be changed. It works on my Athlon II X3 and shows the temps and loads of each of the three cores. There are only two things this program needs to be complete - the ability to have it load at Windows startup and the ability to adjust the temperatures for offset. I find that it runs a few degrees behind my Gigabyte Easy Tune, and I would like to adjust this software to what that program reports since it is manufacturer-provided software and is more likely closer to the real temperatures than this program is. Price: Free
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Comodo Backup Comodo Backup

Backup to CD/DVD? Really? 2 stars
Comodo's suggestion to do backups to a CD/DVD is to do the backup to your hard drive or a virtual drive and then burn the backup to a CD/DVD with your burning program. Despite Comodo's claim to the contrary, there is no way to do a backup directly to a CD/DVD. I installed Nero's InCD hoping that this program would detect the formatted DVD as another hard drive, but it would not. I really like this program's interface and the clean backups it does to a hard drive, but I need to do backups to a CD/DVD. Hopefully, Comodo will resolve this issue in the future and provide a better solution to doing backups to a DVD. This is an excellent program as long as you don't need to do backups to a DVD. I ended up going with GFI Backup on this website since it will do backups directly to either the CD/DVD drive or to the CD/DVD drive with InCD formatting; in the latter case, it treats the DVD drive just like another hard drive. Price: Free
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CrystalDiskInfo CrystalDiskInfo

No sata/ahci support 2 stars
If your drives are configured in AHCI mode, this software does not recognize them. I have used this program frequently when it was a standalone to check PATA drives, and it is very good, but since PATA drives are being phased out rather quickly now, the author should focus on making this program compatible with SATA drives running in serial mode. Price: Free
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sTabLauncher sTabLauncher

Tried the rest; this is the best 5 stars
I've tried a lot of app launchers over the years and found a few I liked, but this one is by far the best I've found so far. Price: Free
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uTorrent uTorrent

Cannot disagree with anyone here 5 stars
It's just the lightest, lowest resource using, easiest to use, best torrent software there is, no if's, and's, or but's. The hardest part of using this software is getting your port forwarded on your modem, but is a big help since they have begun offering detailed instructions on how to port forward a wide variety of modems. Price: Free
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Fast Duplicate File Finder Fast Duplicate File Finder

The best I`ve tried 5 stars
Does a good job in finding duplicates. The preview feature is a plus to be sure the dupes are really dupes; have not seen this feature in all other freeware dupe finders I've tried. Price: Free
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NexusFile NexusFile

Very nice 4 stars
Great looking interface, easy to use, better than standard Explorer. It would be perfect if it supported tabs. Price: Free
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Xion Audio Player Xion Audio Player

Has serious flaws 2 stars
This player sounds great; the best of any I've ever tried. However, there is a serious problem with it. When you load up a playlist and set it to random play, it doesn't remember which songs it has played and which it has not. The effect is that it will play some songs a second time without even playing some the first time. It used to have a problem skipping when playing a song, but that has been fixed. If the developers could work out the simple bugs it has, bugs that all other MP3 players do not have, this would be the premier player available. I believe that the authors of this software release their product before thoroughly testing it. If they did test it before releasing it, these simple flaws should be easy to catch and fix. Price: Free
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Needs some work 4 stars
This is a very nice player, but there is one issue that needs to be addressed. The sound it produces is somewhat thin and tinny. If the developer can rectify this problem by giving it a fuller sound, it would be a killer app. There are some nice skins for it, and it doesn't use a lot of resources. Price: Free
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Orbit Downloader Orbit Downloader

Lacks one critical feature 4 stars
It's fast, and the interface is user friendly, but if I want a downloaded file to be renamed, I want to rename it myself rather than letting the app choose the name it wants. This would download manager be perfect if it would allow you to choose what you want to rename a file to. Is anybody listening? If you don't mind the extra hassle and extra steps required to rename the file after it is downloaded, then this is the download manager for you; it's better than the rest. But if you want more control over where the file is downloaded to and what name you want to give it should a file of the same name exist in the download location, then it's not. I have used Fresh Download for years because it offers this option whereas most other download managers do not. Price: Free
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Spider Player Pro Spider Player Pro

Nice little media player 5 stars
Plays great. Looks great. Easy to use. Could use a wider variety of skins as there are only a few available. Uses very little resources. Price: Free
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Advanced SystemCare Free Advanced SystemCare Free

Mandatory windows care 5 stars
Worked great for me. I also turned about 5 people on to this software, and all of them were amazed at the results after running the scan and repair. Systems run more efficiently and quickly, and all those weird quirks that happen to Windows over time are repaired and normal OS operation is restored. Price: Free
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Mp3Tag Mp3Tag

The only tagger i use 5 stars
I have used this software for years and have not found an equal. It just keeps getting better with each new version. It's simple to use, very stable, and has a great interface. It's one of only a few free programs that I actually felt was worth sending the author a donation for. I was disappointed at one point that the author chose to eliminate coverage for Win 98, but now that I have XP, all's well. Price: Free
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SmartFTP SmartFTP

Too many nags 2 stars
Too many nag screens afteer the 30-day free trial is up. I prefer Core FTP due to the fact that the free version really is free; in addition, it has all the features that Smart FTP does and is way more stable. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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BCArchive BCArchive

Crashed on 2 different computers 1 stars
I've been using this software from v. 1.02 or 1.03 and never had a problem. I initially installed 1.06 on a computer as an upgrade to 1.05. The first time I tried to start it, I got a "this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" message, and I got one everytime I tried to run it. I then installed it on a computer that had never had any previous versions thinking that made might be an upgrade problem. It wasn't; the program crashed on that one too. I'm thinking that maybe they didn't test this version on Win 98 before releasing it. Price: Free
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