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Google Chrome Google Chrome

Clean interface, lightning fast 5 stars
I thought I would never leave Firefox, but over the last few weeks I have been using Chrome almost exclusively. It's been months since I last had a problem with a website failing to load, pages load in half the time as FF or IE and the assortment of addons (not as many as FF, but more than adequate) are perfect for anyone's everyday needs. What got me away from FireFox? It's getting slower with every release. It crashes and/or hangs almost daily. Why not IE? It is getting better with each version, but it's still the slowest browser available. Try Chrome and give it a few days to get use to the spartan interface. It will suit your everyday needs...and then some. Price: Free
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CleanMem CleanMem

Better than the rest 5 stars
I have tried many memory cleaners over the years for my 8 year old XP machine with only 1 gb RAM. Running Firefox would typically bring it to a crawl, but this program does a great job controlling memory excesses without slowing down the system as others have. I highly recommend this program to everyone that has a low RAM system. Price: Free
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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

No longer the best 1 stars
Years ago, this product was indispensable, I used to recommend it to anyone that had a spyware problem. But for the past year or two, scans took twice as long and returned false positives, typically system files. Pass on this product, others have left it far behind. Price: Free
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TeamViewer TeamViewer

I can't find anything to dislike 5 stars
I am amazed at the flexibility of this free program. If you need to provide remote support to family members and friends, this is a fantastic choice and a breeze to set up. I have also found it invaluable whenever I travel to access a file on my computer that I forgot to transfer to my laptop. I can't recommend this program enough, just try it! Price: Free
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

Best in class 5 stars
The free version was the only program that was able to successfully (and completely) remove Antivirus 2009. I bought the regular version the following day for all 5 of my PC's so I could get real time protection. No need to use anything else, this one is perfect. Price: Free
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SmillaEnlarger SmillaEnlarger

Nice start, but needs work 4 stars
I have issues with the confusing interface and the lack of a "save" button, but I can't complain about the results. The instant preview window works well and the final result is exactly as presented as the adjustments are made. I recommend this program, but with reservations. Once the interface is cleaned up, this could be a great piece of software. Price: Free
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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

Almost perfect 5 stars
Pair Photofiltre with Photoscape and you have free software that will accomplish 99% of the tasks for which you would use Photoshop. This is not as advanced as The Gimp, but it will leave you impressed when used for everyday image adjustments. Price: Free
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SpeedyFox SpeedyFox

Made a difference 5 stars
Firefox was taking 62 seconds to open. I ran SpeedyFox, now it opens in 23 seconds. Need I say more? Price: Free
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PicPick PicPick

My new favorite 5 stars
I was a dedicated MWSnap user for years, but recently I found the need to open a separate image editor to perform additional functions. I downloaded PicPick about a month ago and never looked back. It has everything you could want in a screen capture program with an easy to understand user interface. Price: Free
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BullZip PDF Printer BullZip PDF Printer

Great Adobe replacement 5 stars
Bullzip does a fantastic job for everyday conversions from any format without the expense of Acrobat Professional. This is a "must have". Price: Free
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Lunascape Lunascape

Great for web developers 5 stars
I'm impressed, but this browser is definitely not for the average user. Lunascape gives me all three rendering engines in one open browser. As a web developer, I need to view each site I'm working on in all browsers. Using Lunascape, there's much less switching involved, just set up each tab with a different engine and compare the results. Price: Free
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Free Zune Video Converter Free Zune Video Converter

Just what I needed 5 stars
Performs flawlessly, no loss in quality and it's very fast - a 4 minute video was converted from .mov to .wmv in about 60 seconds. I am very impressed. Price: Free
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BatteryBar BatteryBar

Just `okay` 3 stars
It gives more information than I would have expected, but I'm not really sure if it has any real usefulness. Does it really matter how fast my battery is draining? I can hover over the icon that Windows provides to determine how much time remains. It's not that it's a bad program, I just don't see a reason for it. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Apr 08, 2009: The major difference is the way that time remaining is calculated. Windows s estimate constantly fluctuates. BatteryBar keeps historical usage data for your computer and battery, which allows it to provide a very precise time remaining estimate.

Synergy Synergy

Hard to set up, but worth it 5 stars
Every now and then I need to view something on a spare computer that's about 10 feet away. Rather than rolling back and forth throughout the day, this has saved me a tremendous amount of time and effort. I agree, the documentation is horrible, but after playing around with the settings for about 10 minutes (go to the website and read it carefully) it was all worth it. A fantastic piece of software that has proven very useful for the past several weeks. Price: Free
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Gimp Gimp

Amazing Photoshop replacement 5 stars
I have been a dedicated PhotoShop user for years, until last month when PS started crashing upon saving, not fully loading every time, eating up all my resources and slowing my computer to a crawl. I heard a lot about the Gimp and decided to try it. I am truly amazed. This software can do everything for which I purchased PS. I'll stick with this instead of shelling out another $300 for the latest version PS. Price: Free
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SyncBack Free SyncBack Free

Amazing software 5 stars
I have been using SyncBack for about 2 months now, I can't find anything I dislike about this freeware. As a web developer, it's imperative that I have a fresh backup and/or synchronization at the end of every day on my external drive, along with a synchronization to my laptop. This solution has worked flawlessly. Price: Free
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ReNamer Lite ReNamer Lite

Saves time 5 stars
I had 200+ files on a website that needed an extension change. What would have taken an hour or two by hand was accomplished in under 2 minutes (including the time needed to set up the filter). Very intuitive and easy to use program. Price: Free
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XnView XnView

Fantastic and free 5 stars
This is a great piece of software that I have been using for years. Each upgrade adds more functionality for which I find a use. Highly recommended, and I can't believe it's still free! Price: Free
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CodeLobster PHP Edition CodeLobster PHP Edition

Not impressed 2 stars
Sorry, but I'm not impressed. It's little more than a text editor with a highlighter, preview function and a debugger. Price: Free
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MWSnap MWSnap

I use it daily 5 stars
This great program is a must have for all Web Developers. Many options with an easy to understand interface. Price: Free
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SmartFTP SmartFTP

Good until version 2.5 2 stars
I used this often in conjunction with FileZilla - I couldn't pick one over the other until SmartFTP Version 2.5 arrived. Loading the program was hit or miss on all 3 of my XP machines (all of them less than 3 years old). Some days it would load, others it would hang after the nag screen. After playing these games for months I became so frustrated that I finally uninstalled it and started using FileZilla exclusively. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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Color Cop Color Cop

Great tool 5 stars
As a web developer, I am always looking for a tool that will tell me exactly what color I need to match to an image and Color Cop is the perfect program for this job. It is not as full-featured as CPick, but gets the job done without the bells and whistles. Price: Free
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ClipMagic ClipMagic

Works...sometimes 2 stars
I've been using ClipMagic for about a year. For the first few months, no problems. I'm not sure what changed, but for the past 4 - 5 months, it takes over 2 minutes to load and brings my Win XP machine with an AMD 3000 and 1gb Ram to a crawl until completely loaded. No change in behavior after a clean reinstall. I then tried it on my Laptop, same issue - over 2 minutes to load. I've tolerated it so far because it has a great feature set, but as another reviewer pointed out, it doesn't always pick up everything that was copied, and I noticed it also shows every PDF file that was opened as a clip (pdf logo only). Very strange behavior that has caused me to seek out an alternative. Price: Free Trial ($14.99)
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FileZilla FileZilla

The only ftp program you need 5 stars
Outstanding features, very intuitive. I use it daily and I have yet to find a bug in the past 2 years. What more could you ask for? Price: Free
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AutoRuns AutoRuns

If you run windows 2000, you need this 5 stars
This is the only way I can view, stop and start services on my Win 2000 machine. Outstanding piece of software. Price: Free
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