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Foolproof once properly set up 4 stars by madmik Jul 09, 2009 (Read all my 32 reviews)
Takes a little while to set up,but once up and running, is one of the very few data backup applications that can be relied upon to be 100% accurate, in that it seems to backup all of the chosen files-most leave out a few in a random manner,which may or not be critical. Missing a dedicated restore function,but this is achieved by merely copying back to the original sites.Quite fast. Highly recommended if you are prepared to do some work using the interface and take the trouble to set it up as required.! show Review details
Great backup utility 5 stars by Riisens Mar 20, 2008
This is great! A free backup utility, that just does the job. Lots of features, and possibilities to setup the program just as you want it. When its running it doesn`t require your attention. Great program! show Review details
If this was not freeware... 2 stars by DannMaster Feb 29, 2008
If this was not freeware, I would have called it a bad buy. A poor Interface and not so much Features. The only good thing is the easy using of Karens Replicator show Review details
Perfection for what it does ! 5 stars by BigThunder1 Nov 26, 2007 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Pros: This is as perfect as it gets IMHO if you need to maintain an archive of any folder/file(s) to or from any source! The help file is to the point, well written, and easy to comprehend the features and functions as explained. A very small, well written application that does exactly what it says. This is a must have for anyone archiving/backing-up directories with 'all' subdirectories/files (or not; your choice in settings per job/directory). Installed and ran flawlessly on a Win98se OS. Application is fast in it's operation (much faster than Win's copy function). Can't say enough about the simplicity and usefulness of this app. Cons: The text on buttons as well as dialog settings didn't fit on button area or was broken in 'some' instances (800x600 resolution). Mouse over balloon tip(s) saved the day! Be nice to fix this, otherwise, perfection in a small pkg.! Don't pass this up! A gold star keeper! show Review details
Great program - 5 stars 5 stars by RickyF Jun 21, 2007 (Read all my 11 reviews)
The program is as full featured a synchronization and backup program as I have tried and I tried lots of freeware and commercial applications. It works, it works well and it reports what happened both in summary and in the log. I highly recommend this program to one and all. show Review details
Saved the day!! 5 stars by catmaster Jun 13, 2006 (Read all my 18 reviews)
I had installed Karen's replicator on my parent's computer. One day, they lost a very important document. They had spent considerable time working on that document over the past few weeks. Needless to say, they were frustrated! But not to worry!! Karen's Replicator SAVED THE DAY. In just minutes I simply retrieved one of the backup files and everything was back to normal. No muss, no fuss. Very easy to use, flexible, reliable and FREE! What more could you want? I've found the other Karenware software very good and use Karen's "Drive Info" almost daily too. show Review details
Ideal file synchronizer 5 stars by muonic Apr 08, 2006
Does exactly what I need: synchronize a backup of designated folders and their subfolders. Flexible but also simple and intuitive to use. You can create desktop shortcuts to individual jobs or combination of jobs. You have the option to delete non-matching files and folders in the destination target and set global or job-specific exclusion masks. show Review details
Does all i need, quickly 4 stars by AxelKassel Feb 19, 2006
Like other free Karenware apps, Replicator is a user-friendly and efficient utility that combines flexibility with user-friendliness. I have a few defined folder-sync tasks set to run from a USB flash drive, and can back-up all my critical file changes in a few seconds. show Review details
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