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Good program 4 stars by boofby Oct 25, 2009 (Read all my 14 reviews)
Relies on a recent installation of Java JRE, if that tells you anything. Otherwise good program and does the job well, almost comparable to some shareware offerings. show Review details
Great interface, no unicode support 3 stars by jeng02 Nov 10, 2008 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Compared with "OverDisk," JDiskReport is slow. Took 4-5 times as long to scan the same drive. JDiskReport has many different ways of looking at the statistics. Great interface. However, I need something with Unicode support to show Japanese file names. OverDisk doesn't have Unicode support either, it's just a lot faster. Additionally, Overdisk shows multiple folder layers at the same time, JDiskReport only shows one folder at any given time. show Review details
Very nice 4 stars by gimpguy Oct 22, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
First of all, it gave me some trouble. There are many ways to do a scan but it simply wouldn't until I scanned one of my storage drives. Why? DK. Wouldn't scan a file set either. Then I did get it to scan partially, no graph charts.... It is now in working order and does great. A bit buggy off the get go but now I am very happy with it, it is not only a graphical chart, but you can click your way through the files and folders using the chart. How cool is that? Plus you can very easily print off the chart if need be. Very good software, very useful but could use a few improvements is all. Nothing to lose here, worth a try. show Review details
Great soft - does excatly what it says 5 stars by Scratchy Sep 03, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I was looking for the tool that would let me lookup big folders on my PCs and remove them to save space (all these windows temp files, installation ones, things that I forget with time, etc...) and JDR is brilliant for that. Easy to use, simple to install and brilliant to get a breakdown of the used disk space. I can zoom-in and out of directories, see the top 100 biggest files, size distribution graphs, stats by type, etc... GREAT TOOL! show Review details
Just a great tool for a simple task 5 stars by ImfeldC Feb 08, 2007
It's a great simple tool. Donwload - Install - Run - Analyze ... ... it's that easy with this tool. It allows a wide range of analysis and is a great help to optimize the available disk space. Congratulations ... and the best ... it's free! show Review details
Best of breed 4 stars by alnjk01 Jul 08, 2006 (Read all my 124 reviews)
Relatively small footprint,stable and very easy on system resources. This program,unlike some others,gives very precise detailed system information that is easy to understand. It displayed files that I thought were long gone but were still on my system taking up space! show Review details
A useful free tool that is easy to use! 5 stars by Xenate Apr 11, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Like another person did, I compared JDiskReport with other tools of the same kind, that analyse and tell you what on your HD is taking up all that space. I tested JDiskReport thoroughly and I have to say that overall it worked very well. JDisk is very clear and easy to use and I liked the clickable Pie Chart, which enables you to easily find those large files and folders. I also tried Overdisk and WinDirStat. Out of those two I would say WinDirStat just edged it with its multi coloured blocks view. However overall I would have to say JDisk was the best, closely followed by WinDirStat. show Review details
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